Saturday, September 30, 2006

sufjan euphoria

loved love LOVED the concert last night. could not stop smiling.

it's not healthy to be as obsessed as i am. or that i'm already trying to concoct ways to stalk him, in order to enable him to fall in love with me.

but he's so dreamy...

Friday, September 29, 2006

must. do. hair.

i love my stylist. i really do.

but hanging out with him stresses me out. there's this pressure to make sure my hair looks perfect lest he look at me and say, "jhaz-meen, i give you art and zis is what you are doing wis it! you are an embarrassment to me, a stain on my ozzerwise spotless reputation az stylist to za stars!"

so whether i'm meeting him for coffee, going gay clubbing with him, or taking him to a baseball game...there's pressure.

i usually wash my hair (yes, at least i do that) but won't comb it before i run out the door.

now i must comb it, bring out the dryer, heat up the curing iron and dust off a couple hair products.

all to go to a gay club where the guys gaze over me like i don't exist.

save for the one or two who will stop me to say, "girl, you have really amazing hair!" before they go to hit on my stylist.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Why no HNT?

I had one drafted and ready monday night but forgot to post it yesterday...and now i'm at work and can't do it from here, obviously.
but go on over to and look at our photo assignment. Literal translations of phrases/songs/whatnot.
kinda fun...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

my social calendar...

so i have an excellent next couple of weeks set up. pardon me while i brag for a bit.

wednesday i have a yankees game. if you're watching the game, look for me. i'll be the half asian girl wearing a jeter shirt ;)

over the weekend i have beloved SUFJAN!!!!!
i also have fall for dance tickets on an amazing night with paul taylor and stephen petronio pieces.

am going to see clark terry at village vanguard

have tickets to see Anthony Minghella's much talked about production of Madama Butterfly at the Met

next weekend i have a date with not one, but TWO men in my top ten list! david remnick, editor of new yorker magazine, interviewing JON STEWART, the love of my life!
i'm so excited i can hardly keep my pants on!
also, have been recruited part-time in the political arena...i'm moonlighting as a stalker! yes, finally my prized stalking skills are paying off!! i'm doing some investigative work on some politicos that are enemies of my big boss politician. can you believe that my part-time job is stuff that i actually do for fun? this is brilliant!
life is soooo good....

Sunday, September 24, 2006

flying by the seat of my pants

so as i'm leaving work to go on a date with this guy, let's call him zeke (lovely southern boy, owner and CEO of multi-million dollar company), i realize i'm wearing the same dress i was wearing last time i saw him.
sidenote: men, you may not think this is a fashion emergency, but trust me, it is.
so in a brush of genius, i remember the pair of pants i'd gotten tailored that were ready to be picked up at j.crew. i run over to the time warner center, pick up said pants and a cute v-neck shirt (on sale for 9.99 ), purchase shirt and change into sparkly new outfit...concealing dress in purse (thank god for all my marry poppins bags!).
since i'm at the time warner center i rush into sephora, try some new lip glosses and a new scent and am out the door, arriving a mere 15 minutes after our meeting time.
so in solving a fashion crisis, i also managed to show up fashionably late.

Friday, September 22, 2006

food for thought

i know this is a movie quote, but my friend says that since it was made by a psychologist in the movie, that it's okay to put value on it:
"quit saying you love her, those are just words and don't mean anything to anyone except you. love is what you do."

Monday, September 18, 2006

good eats

have had a week full of very good food with even better friends. a recap:
dinner at spice market which was expensed (in other words, not paid for by me) with a great group of people, old and new. the food was pretty ridiculous but i'd expect nothing less from jean georges. hooray for LA real estate moguls partying it up it gotham and letting me tag along gratis.

dim sum at shun lee. excellent if not kind of overpriced. but i haven't been to dim sum there before so it was worth trying once.

brunch at cookshop, a restaurant recommended by mario's assistant, and she ALWAYS knows what's good. however, most the dishes were quite rich, i didn't come close to finishing mine. will go for a salad next time!

another dinner at the coziest italian place imaginable with my new roommate (who is absolutely lovely) and her friend (a brilliant fulbright scholar) and his turkish friends. an evening full of silliness, intellect and excellent wine.

in other news...the cop called. i have yet to call him back. i'm not so sure about our chemistry but i figure i have to give it at least a date. and my intimate evening with barack was not meant to be. vote day in the senate is keeping him in d.c. curses!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

busy busy busy

no HNT today people. too tired and way too busy to bother this week.

have been volunteering a bit. and by a bit, i mean nearly every waking hour of the day. it's nice to be doing something i actually enjoy for once. i'm also meeting a ton of awesome new people...including some boys. i've had my eye on a josh groban-ish looking guy at the office but he's jewish and i'm not converting and i doubt he'll waste his time on me. then there's ken. which is appropriate because he actually looks like a ken doll. dark hair, square jaw, nice broad shoulders and the best part...he's a nyc police officer! he wears a gun around and it's hot. seriously. he also loves jazz, the good old stuff too. and he's asked for my number BUT also wanted my e-mail address, which does not bode well. not at all. so lets all pray ken doll gets some balls and calls before i get a message from him in my inbox, yes?

speaking of men, i called hot single friend. got his voicemail. apologized for taking so long to get back to him (i wasn't just trying to play hard to get, i've really been busy as all hell) and said i wanted to see if he was available to get a drink sometime in the next couple of weeks. breezy enough, i think. will let you know if i hear from him.

now that i'm in the dating game again, have decided to set some ground rules for myself: 1.) no more dealing with men who don't know what they want. 2.) no more dealing with another man's baggage and personal problems. 3.) have more confidence in myself so that calling boys won't be so freaking scary. 4.) give more chances to men instead of ruling them out right away. 5.) try not to be too jaded from the hellish relationship i just extracted myself from. 6.) sit back and enjoy the ride.

the project at the sleek soho office ended completely early (so the parties-not-to-be-named are probably thinking of settling or something), but this has resulted in flooding the market with a shit load of temp workers sans jobs. so i filed for unemployment for the first time (i'm not sure i'm allowed to do that as a temp but it was worth a shot) and then was lucky enough to get another project the next week so i'm starting yet another job tomorrow! blah. same old shit. so i'm networking my ass off at the moment to get hooked up with something more permanent and at least a little more satisfying. wish me luck.

i'm meeting barack obama on monday!!! he's one of my heroes and i can't wait. i have a friend going to a small fundraising event with him and he's taking me with. i'll be completely out of place with all the hedge fund people but i don't care. you think i can bring my copy of his autobiography to autograph without looking like a complete loser? i'm so nervous!!!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

attention new york registered voters

don't forget primary day is tuesday September 12!
go vote for Andrew Cuomo for attorney general and help re-elect Hillary, New York's favorite junior senator.
thanks people.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

sweet home...chicago

getting my fix of good old elmhurst....
men updates:
i adore ryan.
PJ has e-mailed and i'm supposed to call him when i get back.
the night of my birthday i text guy friend  and ask for hot single friend's number. he responds, "ha! you could have asked before 1am the night of your birthday!" but no number followed. a little annoyed, i figure guy friend knows something i don't and wants to spare me the embarrassment of rejection. or he's just being a lazy ass....until i get this text message from HSF: "Hey, it's guy friend's hot single friend. Heard I look good after 10 drinks on your birthday." so i guess i cursed guy friend for nothing. he gave my number to HSF instead. so now the ball is in my court but i'm a little nervous as, i'm not sure if i mentioned this, friend is both hot and single. he's also very nice and quite funny, successful and totally down to earth. scary!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

top ten list, updated

for what it's worth, and trust me, it's not worth anything...i actually have an updated top ten list. there was just something off about the one i posted before. with the exception of two or three on this list, the rest aren't going anywhere...

  1. jon stewart
  2. hugh jackman
  3. hugh laurie
  4. sufjan stevens
  5. david remnick
  6. wentworth miller
  7. anderson cooper
  8. derek jeter
  9. taye diggs
  10. tom welling