Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the end!

first off, i want to thank cadiz and syar. both of whom did much better at achieving nablopomo than myself but both of whom were sweet enough to come here and comment regularly throughout the month. cadiz, reading how much went into your wedding exhausts me, but seeing how lovely the result, i know all the hard work was worth it and the food was KICK ASS. syar, this: "Oh the pains of being your own person, of living in your own skin, of speaking in your own voice, and declaring yourself. I am, I am, I am." was so beautiful. in fact, they've all been beautiful. i don't risk visiting actual blogs while i'm at work, so i don't comment often but know that i'm reading! and enjoying!
it's weekends like this last one that make me remember why i'd kept this place running for so long. it's not the most exciting reason and certainly not the most literary, but if i don't write some of these things down, i fear i'll forget them. my life is too nice to leave little bits forgotten by the wayside.
so, y'all, i'm firmly in the feminist rage part of "i love dick" and it's making me so angry! the first half was sort of, "i am woman, watch me falter and be crazy" and then it transforms into something like, "i'm crazy because i've been oppressed by men who consistently degrade women and fail to see them as intellectual equals" but it's not ranty because she then starts ticking off artists and their critics and each little drop fills a pail, and then another pail and then another and i'm basically at the point where i'm seeing red and wanting to scream, "fuck you!" at every man i see. however painful it was to follow her earlier behavior, and witness the failure of these films which she later sort of  admits weren't any good, to put all of this on display and just OWN it. (i guess to be perfectly honest, she owns her crazy while blaming other people for it, but that's done in a way that isn't as hypocritical as it sounds.) anyway. and kraus is just reckless with herself, physically and emotionally. anorexia is the subject of enough of her writing that it's clear she likely has issues with it herself. on top of the fact that she keeps putting herself into situations in which she's battered (i.e. chasing after dick who, very early on, is clearly an asshole and then is a jerk to her face while post-coital). she lacks any sort of instinct for self-preservation.
i think i over-suffer from self-preservation. i take very few risks in life. this means a few things. my life is generally drama-free and even-keeled. it also lacks spontaneity. i make a fool of myself so infrequently that i'm wondering what bits of character i'm missing out on.
happy end of november, folks.

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Blogger Syar said...

Happy end of November! Thanks for what you said about my writing, it means heaps! :) I've always enjoyed this little tradition of all of us still doing this together, several years after we all first became friends online. And as for not commenting but still enjoying the posts - I am guilty of that too, with you, with cadiz, with everybody!

I seriously need to get my hands on this book. My inner feminist pails are always filling with rage (what?) and this sounds like an amazing book for that and other reasons.

After a certain point, I guess you have to wonder if your life is your life regardless of the missing bits of character, and you're actually not missing anything at all? You know what you're like, and you know what you want your life to be (and make it so) and that to me - confused and overwhelmed me - is pretty awe-inspiring.

11/30/2011 9:55 PM  
Blogger cadiz12 said...

aww, thanks jas. for a superfoodie like you to say the food was kick ass must mean it truly was amazing. i'm so glad you enjoyed both the wedding and the posting--i know it can be tiring, but i am determined to beat that dead horse until it's a pulp.

I'm glad you were posting more often this month; it's always nice to know what you're up to and you have great adventures. i hope it's not just a november thing. I'm trying to keep up with the blog, too. I really cherish the little community we built all those years ago, and that we're still in touch.

i'm very intrigued by this book, but i have a tendency to get swallowed up in the emotions of whatever's happening (i.e. complete terror and paranoia during Blindness, jumpiness and defensiveness during Hunger Games, desolation during Room so i worry what might happen if i get good and angry at half the population. but still very curious.

i agree with you about syar's writing. :)

happy end of November!

12/03/2011 4:11 PM  

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