Sunday, November 20, 2011


so when i was pulling all my fall stuff out of storage i culled a lot of it and decided to throw the new/barely used stuff up on ebay.
i've had a good time with ebay in general. sell my things to nice people and am sure to always be thorough in my descriptions and even like to suggest how an item can fit into an outfit (for those that are sartorially challenged). i've sold a lot of shoes on ebay because i can't stop doing this thing where i buy shoes that are on sale in a size 6 even though i've never been a six and will never be a six. in short, i buy a lot of shoes that go unworn. these are perfect for re-selling on ebay. 

Enter: Linda Babian

This crazy bitch in AZ who sent me this message:

I'm sorry to say that these are NOT in "New without box" condition !
the linen fabric is frayed... the shoes black spots inside and outside...
hairs, dust and whatever else is inside these 'NEW' shoes...
and the soles look like they were worn more than just 'inside the house'..You are going to get your first VERY NEGATIVE feedback from
me unless you refund my money ASAP to Paypal...and then send me a
postage paid envelope to get them back to you.

and then this gem!

I just googled and found an article on THAT is what's in
those shoes ? OMG....
they're going outside ! you'd better get in touch with me before 
it rains here...I'm NOT messin' around with these frickin' shoes.
Seriously, BED BUGS is what is going to go on your feedback if I don't get refunded TODAY!

if bitch read the article she'd see that the bugs were many years ago, that they were long gone before those shoes ever came into my life and HELLO, the whole point of the article was that they are no longer. so i reported her threat to ebay because she CRAZY.

so that's the thing with ebay. you can't really control who is buying your things and sometimes they may be ugly people who send ugly emails and who threaten and accuse you of terrible things. linda, i'm sorry you didn't like the shoes, and i'm even sorrier that you're a miserable person. 

however: just re-sold my leica (i upgraded to the lumix GF1) for more than half of what i bought it for which is pretty good for a 3 year old camera. you win some, you lose some. 

5 people who played with me:

Blogger jazz said...

I'm a lawyer. Truth is an absolute defense to libel. I can prove you sent every one of those emails, you crazy bitch!

4/29/2012 8:28 PM  
Blogger jazz said...

Linda Babian: You had the chance to ask nicely to take this post down. The fact that you initially attacked me through ebay and then stalked me down on a seldom-used blog and then left a dozen threatening comments (and would have left hundreds more had I not shut the comments off completely) shows what kind of a person you are.

4/30/2012 12:57 PM  
Blogger bag said...

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11/14/2013 11:16 PM  
Blogger jazz said...

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11/15/2013 7:29 AM  
Blogger jazz said...

11/15/2013 7:29 AM  

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