Wednesday, November 28, 2007

overheard on the 1 train

"ladies and gentlemen, i'm sorry to be bothering you while you're working, but i just need some money for a warm breakfast. my only talent is my singing voice, but it's too early for me to sing at the moment. please give me money."

Monday, November 26, 2007


i have a ton of pictures, just no internet to get them online and posted.

briefly my thanksgiving included heath ledger, nigel barker and heather graham. and maybe someone from "the office" whom i did not go and talk to even though i promised some malasian ladies that i would...and his name might be john, but it also might not. please don't kill me girls!

i was a VIP at the parade and was seen on television! wooo!!!

was enchanted by enchanted (the new disney movie)

in all, had a kick-ass thanksgiving that i can't wait to fill y'all in on...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


the roommate just out of college can't figure out what she's doing with her life and is leaving the city. that means i have to find a new roommate. these three e-mails below were all sent to me within a half an hour.
people are crazy.
Dear Madam or Sir,
I'm looking for a room near Columbia University Medical Center.
I will be working the Medical Center at CU from Dec. 3rd.
I'm a doctor in my home country.
I work almost all day for example I go to the hospital after eating dinner even weekend.
I really need a walking distance at CUMC.
Working distance is expected rather than the money.
I have really busy schedule and don't stay home often. 
Right now, I'm working in Rochester in NY.
I want to move in Dec. 1st.
I'm very professional person, and a quiet person. 
Please give to me your answer ASAP.
Just say Yes or No. 

Dear Madam
I sent an email you a couple of minutes ago.
If you want to move in exactly in Nov.18, I can pay for a half of 2 weeks although I'm not being there.
I really want a walking distance to CUMC.
I'm not stay home often, so we don't see each other often.
I'm a female.
Are you?

Dear Madam
I' sorry for bothering you to sent an e-mail.
Please reply Yes or No.
I have only 3 weeks.
If you say NO, I have to find the other rooms near CUMC.
It's not easy thing.
Sincerely yours

Monday, November 12, 2007

the weekend, underdressed

my friend vino calls, "hey, i'm going to this book party, come with!" he says it's at christie's (the auction house) which i think is a bit strange but i think maybe they've rented out a gallery room for the evening. i wear black jeans, and a black v-neck sweater. i mention this because, very shortly after i arrive that this is not the outfit i should be wearing. no siree.

because it's not really a book party as it is one huge couture fashion show because the book? wasn't really a book. it was a gigantic red volume with nothing but photos of and about, valentino, who was in attendance. as were a million other famous people in fancy red gowns. and i'm in jeans, looking very williamsburg.

i did what i could to avoid showing up in the background of any of the paparazzi photos and hung close to the bar where a fantastically gorgeous cater-waiter was DEF trying to get me drunk. and the food rocked. little toasted pumpkin ravioli with a goat cheese dip, truffled parmesan crisps with steak tartare, figs with prosciutto and gorgonzola, lots of yumminess on skewers. i heart free bite-sized food. if only they'd had pigs in a blanket, i would have been in underdressed heaven.

then off to julie's party where i didn't get any less drunk. and there was a walk-off, something that is becoming increasingly common amongst my friends. it's exactly what it sounds like. a runway is made and people take turns walking down it zoolander-like and a winner is crowned. the gays started it as a way to improve their use of heels and it has become somewhat of a habit as of late.

the CLEs really sucked. any my computer and my wireless card weren't behaving. i seriously think my laptop won't work unless it's plugged in. i know that makes no sense, but i could only get it to start up and operate if i was sitting at the outlet. and if everything was in working order and i even started to pull the cord out, the whole damn machine would freeze. and tell me that i had 6 minutes left on a batter that had been fully charged like two minutes earlier. SUCKY.

i miss blog reading terribly and am trying to move into a new job. i'm realizing having proper internet access is worth cutting out the $10 more that i'm currently making. so in the meantime, fill me in. you've got my e-mail. and my love, obv.

Friday, November 09, 2007

boring CLE

in order to keep my legal license up to date i have to take these horrid continuing legal education classes (CLEs). the legal writing guy is trying to spice things up by singing and pointing out popular instances of bad grammar in pop songs and pop culture. "it should be 'toys'r'we"!" hardy har. ugh.

so i have 8 hours worth because i missed a teensy deadline a couple months back. oops! but they do have wireless. but no outlets and my battery dies after like 10 minutes. so i've been going back and forth to the far side of the room where the plugs are and charging it for an hour and then using my 10 minutes to check e-mail. curse you old laptop with an old battery!

newest roommate is moving out. she's the one who is just out of college and she had no idea what she wanted to do and was pretty aimless out here. but she's also the idiot who didn't follow the instructions and got bedbugs after we thought we'd taken care of the problem. my issue is now is whether i mention existence of said bugs when i put the ad on craigslist. i suppose i should, rather than than having them move in and then saying, "oh, by the way. put the legs of your bed in baby oil. don't ask questions."

so my timing for this lack of posting is good since you've got more than enough to keep you busy with the nablopomo. .

got a cute new haircut. yay.

job royally sucks sans internet. also, the case i was working on with ex-wb just settled, which means all the people on that project will be all over the temp projects. good thing most of them can't pass the bar and aren't admitted which means i hopefully won't ever have to work with any of them. hence, the CLE's and keeping my admittance current.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


brian williams, the love of my life, was awesome on saturday night live. highlights here. also, i loved barack obama's cameo, obviously. back to brian: his accent as a fireman was great. his ability to not laugh during the "target lady" craziness during the lottery skit was impressive. and my personal favorite was the skit where he was the principal on the teen angsty television show. i heart him. i really do.

chicago was fab. did i tell you people i went to chicago this weekend? i can't remember and i'm too lazy to look it up. anyway, it was full of sleeping and puppy time which is pretty damn near heaven for me. oh, and there was the rack. the glorious nordstrom rack. i came back with only two pairs of shoes and a gorgeous floor length satin trina turk skirt that hugs me down to my ankles then flares. don't ask me how to walk in it as i'm still figuring that part out. but at least i have shoes to go with it which, really, is all that matters.

counting down the minutes till this stupid project ends and i can get back to blog reading all day.

almost finished with my hedge fund books. thank freaking god. i'm starting to get really bored with the SEC and their damn 8-Ks and their SB-2s. poo.

also, this month is nablopomo (or something like that) which means that all my blogging peeps who never post (stormin, jon ) are posting tons. as are omar and cadiz and peter. and i'm totally missing all of it! SAD.

Friday, November 02, 2007

sufjan and stuff

sufjan was amazing. BQE was stunning. rather, it was stunning how beautiful a piece of music such an ugly expressway inspired. the music and video (and hula hoopers) managed to convey the modesty, the mixed culture, the industrial-ness, the never-ending commutes that come with living in brooklyn and queens. it was humble and harsh and manic and lovely and soft. brilliant.

the second part of the concert was full of his best hits. butterfly wings included. he also told yet another version of going off to music camp with "frankie joey." he tells this story, and it goes on forever, but he changes it (makes it up differently) each time. this was one of the funnier ones i've seen, mostly because of the pure rambling nature. also, because of the bit about an oboist with tinnitus whose dad was an orthodontist. it was just random and hilarious.

worth noting: he was wearing very tight white jeans. and now i feel intimately versed with his anatomy, if you know what i mean. let's just say that he's bigger than average. and yes, my seats were that good that i could see. in fact, i had a hard time not staring at his package the entire time. but his face is soooooo pretty that i managed to manage the distraction.

other things: remember this guy? huge spread in the styles section yesterday with him in it!

Thursday, November 01, 2007


tonight. yes.
that is all.