Friday, May 28, 2010

mice, esca, aol, semper fi!

so the repair people came and patched up some holes and we thought that would fix our mouse problem. we were wrong. i heard noises in my room the other night and woke up to see one scurry out. so i threw a sticky mouse trap where i saw him last. and it was there for a couple weeks. but then it wasn't there when i got home and my roommate hadn't touched it. which means, i think, that a mouse got enough of himself stuck on there to be able to walk somewhere with it which is CRAZY thinking about a mouse with one leg on this trap dragging it around my apartment. and we can't find it. we've looked EVERYWHERE. we have no idea what to do at this point. besides maybe find a cat to bring over and sniff around for it...

the cuteness! oh my god!

had a long drunken night at esca again when i'd only meant to have a drink at the bar and maybe some crudo. both robert the florist and dave the chef yelled at me for standing them up. apparently i'd promised to come into the shop for peonies and told dave i'd go on a dive bar tour with him. i don't remember EITHER of these things. that is why i should stop drinking alcohol. oh, but that have that bastianich friulani that i love so much. and vic was behind the bar and i met a ton of lovely people (again) including mike, a sous chef at babbo. lots of shop talk occurred which, really, all the good gossip i get from anywhere i get in confidence and can't ever write about which makes having good gossip much less fun. but finally the carmellini soho spot leaked on eater. i've got some pitches in the works for some food-related writing that i'm really excited about.

julie brought me to an aol 25th anniversary party also this week which was tres chic and for which i'm whipped out a gorgeous DVF dress that i've never worn so i was excited to debut it. it started off at the new museum with a chuck close exhibit, some astounding tequila cucumber mint drinks and the food was rocking: mini lobster rolls, filet mignon, tuna tartare, truffled tater tots, truffled mac and cheese, parmesan cauliflour flan and other yumminess. 

OMG: one of my best friends, alex, got engaged and two more of my friends are pregnant. this year, man. makes me feel like i'm really destined to die one of those dog ladies. but mike proposed via this adorable video with google earth pinpointing their first dates and tons of adorable pictures of them. it makes me teary every time i watch. i love it.

it is fleet week! past fleet weeks: here and here and here

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