Wednesday, May 19, 2010

election commentary

initial thoughts: nice night for the democrats.

we picked up a special election seat in PA-12. and sestak managed to come behind for a win against specter. my thing with specter is 1.) he didn't vote with the dems nearly enough for me to be grateful for him and 2.) he didn't vote with the GOP enough for them to care about him either and 3.) you just got the sense that he wasn't ever true to himself.

i'd rather a person vote where their values are, or even where their constituents are and he just waffled back and forth so much between what he said mattered and the way he voted that he was doing nothing but chasing political wins and trying to tamp down political losses. he had a job that mattered and because he was trying too hard to play the game, he lost the damn job. it wasn't even that he was a centrist (which he may have been) but that he's flat out changed his position 180 degrees so many times that nobody felt they could trust him. it's okay to be with one party to the next depending on the issue but to go back and forth on the same bill? no dice. 

rand paul won, which is interesting in the quaint kind of way that i'll be amused at until i feel threatened. he's in the same camp with sarah palin. cute until they give me some reason to need to take them seriously. 

anyway, enough weak republicans won that democrats should feel a little more comfortable going into november. and maybe we'll have a couple more GOP gay scandals on the dark horses that won primaries tonight. one can only hope.

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