Friday, April 09, 2010

lame follow up

deciding rightly to forego the afterparty for the F&W event at kenmare  
(of course), i made it to my 7am pilates. it was still dark out when i  
left but the birds were busily chirping. when i get a dog, i wonder  
how i'll find one that likes to sleep in. none of that 6am walk shit.

something i forgot to mention about the food and wine party: sarah  
jessica parker was there and she's stunning in person. she's wee and  
looks about 45 pounds and was walking around with that dude that hosts  
the real housewives aftershows or whatever which seemed weird but i'm  
sure he was feeling pretty lucky to have her on his arm. oh, and there  
was FOOD there. the sliders from locanda, sturgeon sabayon from daniel  
humm at eleven madison, a chic'ed up buffalo chicken with blue cheese  
from that hottie voltaggio (the last top chef winner), fois gras with  
some green jelly business from paul liebrandt, pork belly from gabe kreuther and hamachi tartare from dan silverman. rock on. 

I'm loving the bird and the bee hall and oates tribute album.  it's just completely unironic and unabashedly doting an album. it's hall and oates with catchier hooks and a beat underneath that could have been done by pharrell. 

should be a quiet weekend. pilates and a brunch or two and i think some serious writing to do. an essay on race for an anthology (which i'll submit but doubt will be accepted) and a piece on vancouver that i'm going to edit to make it suitable for submission for the ny times, which sounds kind of crazy, but it's short and the short stuff doesn't pay so nobody much matters whether it's really that good and the professor suggested i try to edit it and re-submit so he'll let me know whether it ends up in a state good enough to send out to anyone. 

we were talking about research in class and colin suggested going to bars and meeting locals and the teacher balked. he was just like, "oh, i can't do that. maybe if i had a pad of paper and pen with me to prove i was a journalist." and colin and i were both thinking, "oh my god! i'd never walk up to someone with a pad and pencil in a bar!" it made me stop to think just how different my life would be if i weren't so outgoing/social/generally fearless around people i don't know. i mean, i know thousands of people in this city and i'm not even the most "popular" of my friends. which got me to thinking that this is why i get along with women and gays so well. because we're more likely to be naturally outgoing. straight men generally don't prefer intimacy and certainly aren't all that chatty (which, tangentially, is probably why they like watching sports so much, they don't have to talk to people for hours at a time). i know i'm making some pretty general assumptions but of the people i know (and i know plenty) i would say that straight men are not typically silly nor do they enjoy just sitting around talking endlessly. when i go home and stay with kate and her husband anthony he'll sometimes just holler out things like, "don't you guys ever get tired of talking!" and you can see that his head is about to explode. 

but i digress. writing, blah blah. at any rate, it's nice to have a new hobby. if my stuff gets good i'll think about posting it here. i'm not sure what people would do if things with capital letters that look like they'd been proofread started ending up in this space. it might freak them out too much. 

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Blogger Syar said...

Capital letters here WOULD probably freak me out. But do post up your new writing here, please! :)

4/09/2010 1:59 AM  
Blogger bunny florentine said...

^^ Agreed with Syar; capitals or not, it would still be awesome to read it!

4/11/2010 12:28 PM  

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