Tuesday, April 13, 2010

adopt a dog! new friends, fava beans, lame dudes, marry me robbie cano!

watch this whole thing. please. 

went to my favorite brunch spot, a place i always go to alone because it's easier to get a seat and also because they all know me there now and have a decently chatty rapport with me. i started talking to a young couple a few seats down. they were friends with my favorite bartender there. we ended up spending the rest of the day together, napping on the pier, getting cookies from birdbath bakery and then heading to fat cat for shuffleboard. i am actually sort of good at shuffleboard! we played girls against boys and kicked some ass. it was one of those new york kind of days. my new friends actually didn't live in nyc, one was in boston and the other in the navy in DC (soon to be shipped off to afghanistan). he spent the day teaching us words from a language that wasn't farsi, but was similar to it. totally random but really lovely people that i hope to see again soon.
spring veggies are back in restaurants. locanda's fava bean crostini is back. HOORAY. i just love LOVE the fava bean crostini. and ramps are with peas and speck and spaghetti in something that resembles carbonara but really is not anything close to a carbonara because carbonara does not have peas or cream. i'm very serious about this. i'm a carbonara originalist. some small dirty-looking girl walked past me. she was very olsen-girlesque. but it was drew barrymore! who knew she was so tiny!! and she was with justin long and jimmy fallon. then governor paterson's advance person walked in and it was URGENT that the GOVERNOR get a table. the GOVERNOR is standing right there! and then she pointed at him. as if you could miss him. it was all so strange. i mean, i don't know. maybe i'd have been more impressed if he weren't such a lame duck and hadn't screwed shit up so much for himself.
i'm out to brunch with al. we went to extra virgin, home of the dreamy gorgonzola fondue (and the prettiest boy EVER was sitting to us and he rides a motorcycle so i'm fenced about whether he was gay or not). and al is like, "i went out with my friend mike. he wants to date you and told me to mention it to you." did you hear that? that was the sound of my head exploding. because, this was IMPROPER FORM. clearly he meant to write a note about it, fold it into a little football and give it to alex who then was supposed to hand it to me in sixth period social studies. RIGHT?
what mature adult sends a message like that through a friend? i KNOW this guy. he has my e-mail and probably my phone number. in short, it was a pussified move, if i've ever seen one. and people wonder why i don't date. *banging head on desk*
oh my god, you guys, martha stewart tweeted the yankees home opener. these tweets are amazing and i want them framed so i can read them over and over again. i sometimes can't decide whether i'm obsessed with martha stewart or hate her. today's tweets, while hysterical, also sent me into a jealous rage. i'm really super ragey still. and, AND there are no pictures of my baby robinson cano. WHERE IS CANO?! I WANT SOME CANO!
i'm nuts in my head today. have some writing to do. an essay on race to finish that i've started over so many times i really have no idea what i want anymore. disaster. thank god i'm not a real writer as that shit would STRESS me out. i have quaint little e-mail conversations with a new yorker writer who refuses to join twitter, facebook, et. al. says he doesn't need any more nonsense distracting him from his already prone-to-wandering brain and that it's a miracle he gets anything done. i think i'm probably 10 times more wandery. i'm sorry. i can't stop making up words. it's so lazy. gah.

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writing is hard. hats off to those who still do it to pay the bills.

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