Sunday, May 09, 2010

when i decide i have agoraphobia, but then get over it because i can't actually live in my apt

so i get on the A train home. a hipsterish couple sitting across from me; he in a beard, she in a red checkered flannel. they both had wire-rimmed glasses that would knock against each other when they would put their foreheads together cutely. so i'm all, "oh, cute nerd hipster love." and then i see her stick her index finger up her nose. like, really far up her nose, digging. she comes out with something and looks at it and then bites it off with her teeth. I KNOW, YOU GUYS. oh, but she's not done. then she goes up there with a thumb, making round sweeping movements. movements that she's likely done a hundred million times. same thing, looks at her find and eats it. i'm just staring at her in shock really. she doesn't notice i'm looking and doesn't seem to think anything is wrong with this. she goes back and forth between nostrils and back and forth between index finger and thumb for 80 blocks. constantly. and then, AND THEN, bitch grabs onto the subway pole as she leaves. I MEAN, MY GOD. it made me want to go home and never go out in public ever again. THIS is why i don't touch the subway and almost vomit every time i grab onto a pole. this is also why i can't ever have children because children touch things that are gross, which then would make me not want to touch my child. like, ever again.

my management company are assholes. they never do repairs and are pretty much slumlords. i'm not at home often and my rent is cheap enough that i figure i get what i'm paying for. we lose hot water and heat many times during the winter. the roof had all these holes and one of them was in my entrance hallway. every time we'd have a heavy rain, all the plaster and paint would fall right off. then they'd come and repair that hole and every time they did i said, "fix the fucking roof." and then a week ago i got an e-mail from a guy named mike at the mgt office. he said they were installing a WHOLE new roof. and sure enough i hear all the people banging away above me (i'm on the 5th floor). so it rains a lot on sunday evening. 2am monday morning, there's pounding on my door. and there's water all over my apt. leaks from like 10 different places. the pounding is the FDNY, called in by the neighbors whose entire ceilings had collapsed on them with the rain. it turns out the roofers took off our roof and then didn't tarp it and left for the weekend. IDIOTS. the cops were here, my city councilman was here and the local papers showed up. camera crews. insane. the mgt company sends like 20 people over, realize how bad their upkeep as been and what bad press they're getting. HPD shows up. anyway, they're acting like they care and i've had people in my apt all week doing repairs. i've had a staycation of sorts.

so i've gotten lots of random ironing done, some writing, i finally planted some basil, chives, cilanatro and dill with my chia herb garden. i really hope they grow. i don't have much of a green thumb but i'll feel like a total failure if i can't get this shit to work. i'm feeling kind of maternal about it. they're my little babies. i also really like fish as pets. i'm the mommy but i don't have to really put in that much effort. it's a win/win. 

and, i'm sorry, but how freaking cute is syar?!

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Blogger Syar said...

I can't quite describe the feeling I got after reading that whole paragraph on the hipster nose-picker, and then seeing you plug that video of me. It's...a roller coaster of emotion. First I was like BARF and then I was like AWWW.

5/10/2010 1:06 AM  

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