Thursday, May 20, 2010

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y'all, today is ROUGH. didn't get in until close to 5am and then had to wake up to do some bullshit CLE's online because theyr'e free and i take anything free these days.

speaking of free: managed to drink my face off last night and only spend $15 which went to charity! i win. some bacardi reps were in the bar giving away pints of mojitos. YES PLEASE! then we went to The Box for some private party with Brazilain sugar barons. when we get to the door the bouncer/manager dude introduces himself to us and then says with some accent i didn't recognize, "you are here to misbehave them?" which, i think, means he was asking whether we were the hired prostitutes. amazing! i probably repeated that phrase another 10 times throughout the night. the party itself was a total meatfest. drunk men getting grabby all over. at one point i'm up in the balcony, leaning over a railing, watching one of the burlesque shows and sitting next to a pretty girl. some ugly ass dude with blond hair (i don't trust blondes) sits on the other side of her and grabs my hand and puts it on her ass. i pull it away because i don't want this girl to be offended by my forced grabbiness. he leaves and i'm like, "sorry! that guy just put my hand on your ass! i don't know him!" and she goes, "oh, that was my husband!" 

after the show i meet up with my friends who said, "that couple next to you are swingers!" i told them i'd found that out the hard way. they said i should be flattered because they only hook up with really good looking people. heh. i'll take what i can get...

neil patrick harris was there with the all star survivor cast. i really wanted to go up to him and get gushy about how much i loved him but it's so touristy and un-new yorkish to go up to famous people. i just couldn't. 

i cleaned out my closet and found no less than 10 pairs of shoes, size 6. guess what? i'm a 6.5. i went through this stage of buying cute shoes on super sale and then  hoping my feet would shrink into them. it never happened! surprise! they're all on ebay with "never worn, unfortunately" tags on them. 

peter told me he wrote a word doodle about me years ago. i told him it was cute and he said, "You had showed me a picture of you where you looked riiiiidiculously gorgeous. I figured if I told you that you'd be all annoyingly Jasmine about it, so I wrote that instead." this gchat ensued: 
me:  annoyingly jasmine.
i actually know EXACTLY what that means.
Peter:  exactly
i know you
me:  i met a guy last night and tried to tell him i was annoying.
Peter:  You're hot, so guys won't care
  you could tell them just about anything
me:  i want someone to love me for my BRAIN peter.
and because i'm a good democrat
Peter:  it's all part of the package, lady.
me:  and if they are dating me because of my boobs, that's okay too.
 Peter:  i'd burn a building because of your boobs
me:  you're too kind.
 Peter:  naw.  just blurty

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm delightful.

You're lucky to know me.

5/21/2010 3:38 PM  

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