Tuesday, May 18, 2010

LOST, glee, subway stories

this cracked my shit up.

so i bought that digital converter for my tv and bunny ears and then i couldn't set it up. it seemed kinda flimsy and it was from radioshack (and who buys anything from radioshack?) and thought i got a bum one. well, it's tuesday which means LOST day. i was meant to go to this esquire party but it was rainy and david said it would be a madhouse because nobody was controlling the RSVP count so i ended up at home. so i tried again and GUESS WHAT?! i totally screwed it up the first time. i'm the worst with electronics. so at 9:05 i finally got that shit working. HUZZAH!

the AIDSwalk was this weekend. the day was beautiful. swag handed out along the way: bananas, granola bars, coconut water, popchips, orange juice, stacy's pita chips. rock on. there was a champagne reception after that dirk, my new friend from brunch last weekend) brought me to at the boathouse. 

i had lunch with jill, whom i hadn't seen in years. it was a much needed meal with a friend who is so smart that she's always about 3 steps ahead of me. and the minute i started to complain about this third-life crisis thing, this feeling a bit lost and confused about what the F i'm doing with myself, she's put me in my place. i have a whole lot to be grateful for. she also made me feel not so ridiculous about being all over the place as far as what i think i want out of this little life of mine. 

and re: lost...holy shit guys. this episode has been EVENTFUL. but i guess there's only so much they have to keep out now that there are only two hours left. TWO HOURS. yikes.

this is what i wrote in my iphone one night while drunk and on the subway home: puffy seams, synthetic. hemmed too short or just naturally tall? black jersey sleeves, stonewash denim. fat woman, no front teeth, darkened eyelids, mcdonalds bag, just off her shift. three young men. braces and nice teeth. strong jaws. reckless. she watches them. wanting to belong without looking like she wants to belong.

speaking of the subway: i was sitting on the train and a group of 6 walks in. a man follows them in with a ukulele. one of them asks him to play something and he starts this little ditty with a chorus that does, "hot tamales they are red hot, yes, she's got 'em for sale" which, after a google search, seems to be this. but the thing is, that the group of 6 and then another 20 people in this train car all started singing the chorus with him. he had like 5 verses and as each one passed, another 4 people joined in. i thought for a second it was an improv everywhere stunt but no, it was just a random act of fun that happens because we're in new york, all squished together, and sometimes we spontaneously enjoy each other's company. 

my life is all over the place. korean fried chicken in the park, pilates, glee marathons ("jesse's girl" is fin's best so far and puck's "lady is a tramp"...LOVE and "the boy is mine" was so so so good), swing dancing on the roof with colin's signature cocktails, pilates, a beautiful dinner at perilla, another gorgeous meal at james

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