Monday, May 25, 2009

fleet week, food, stars on a plane, clark's botanicals

so it's fleet week. i have a bit of a history with fleet week myself. i'm too lazy to link but they're in the archives. katie and i went to our regular friday night haunt and met three marines. one gorgeous 21-year-old (dustin), one chubby 23-year-old (scott), one normal more-mature 25-year-old (anthony). anthony had, earlier in the day, met for the first time his biological sister. crazy, right? he was adopted but looked up his birth mother and she had two other kids who lived in brooklyn and so he met them while in nyc. she was a lesbian and kept talking about my boobs. and that if she were straight that she'd hit the hot one. they were young but fun enough. dustin started sending me sex text messages the next day which was hilarious and not at all tempting, unfortunately. what a little player?!
consumer testing of the snuggie! result? very disappointing. though isn't ben popken so cute?
went to the taste of the nation event. was super good but somehow, because life is unfair, i totally missed the jean georges table. WTF? though maybe that's just karma evening me out for the free random VIP wristband that jordan whipped out of his pocket and gave to me. it let us upstairs where all the veuve was. rock on.
also went to the whipped! event at astor center. this means i got to feast my eyes on johnny z's two nights in a row. which totally  makes me seem stalky. i swear i had no idea he'd be at the taste event. i also didn't realize they'd be on adjacent evenings. i always go to the taste event and have a friend on their host committee so it's a given that i'll be there every year.
also, guess who was one my plane to and from turks and caicos? bethenney frankel! (i don't watch television shows that don't have the title LOST but my gays talk endlessly of the "real housewives".) she was with a hot dude who seemed to be about her age. i saw them on the beach as well and by "saw them" i mean "saw him" because his body was pretty ridiculous. she's cute and skinny and booby too but he's lookin GOOD. so go bethenney!
and on my flight home: lou ferrigno!! he was with his crazy-fake looking wife who seemed super high-maintenence (they changed seats FIVE times in the airport waiting area, she was like goldilocks) and their kids were all grunged out and goth and i had to sit next to them on the plane (in coach! mama and papa flew first class) but at least they were quiet.
and i just bought clark's botanicals lip balm. i know it's super expensive for such a tiny tube but so far, it's one of the best i've ever used. i hate kiehls. i've tried burts bees and various other sticks. i just find that they all seem to make my lips drier and that i need to use them 100 times a day. since i started with clark's about a week ago, i'll stick it on and i'll go half a day without needing or even thinking about re-applying. it's genius, so far.

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