Sunday, January 01, 2006

when it rains...

it pours...

i have another date with work boyfriend tomorrow. he has taken to calling me tiny dancer (T.D.) for short. although it is one of my favorite songs, i'm not sure it makes such a great nickname. am still adjusting. also, even though i've had the "text messaging is the downfall of the modern relationship" talk...he texts me still. first saying, "i know text messages are a tool of the weak, but i want to see you monday." since i wanted to see him too, i acquiesced. he also texted me a "wish you were here" on new year's eve. sweet but still BAD BAD. must have talk with him about it tomorrow...

i ran into a guy i met ages ago and we have plans to go out this week.

a friend and i met two guys last night that took us to dinner tonight. neither of us are all that keen but one of them is a clothing buyer and the other one has a yacht so we'd kinda like to keep them around. downside: the yacht guy has a blinking tick, the other has an AWFUL laugh and they are both obessed...obsessed...with house music. you win some, you lose some i suppose.

this stuff is exhausting. i hope at these one of these guys sticks.

also, i thoroughly believe that an excellent night out can be judged by how much random shit you find in your purse the next morning. i once came home with a drum stick. not the kind from a chicken that you eat, but the wooden kind you play a drum with.

contents from my purse the morning of new year's day:
  1. three business cards from people i don't remember meeting.
  2. a handful of chocolates with liqueur in them
  3. a 4th of july type sparkler
  4. the new york times sunday magazine (don't ask!)
  5. a half dozen poker chips
  6. the number of a beautiful guy from montreal (a good kisser too...)
  7. a kazoo

15 people who played with me:

Blogger Lou said...

Nice blog, doing my random weekly blog search and came across yours. Keep on representing new york and keep up the good work in '06.

1/02/2006 12:50 AM  
Blogger SnowQueen said...

Sounds like you had fun new years i got stuck at this old lady's house talking to her about cats (my stupid b/f's fault he said she was having a party and was really interesting AND YOUNG)

1/02/2006 2:32 AM  
Blogger 1 said...

sounds like good times...let us know about the monday date, please

1/02/2006 3:00 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Thats a pretty good little collection of randomness!

As for the 2 guys you went out with, a tick is forgivable. So is a bad laugh.

But house music? Not. Ever. Even for the prospect of a discount and weekends on a yacht!!

Looking forward to the update on your next date! Hope it goes well.


1/02/2006 6:24 AM  
Blogger stretch td said...

from one TD to another, happy new year!

1/02/2006 12:26 PM  
Blogger Gloria Glo said...

Good times. Congrats on Montreal kiss. I've heard it's splendid up there.

I'm hoping for the Barney's buyer. Don't know why. It's irrational. But that's where my money is going.

Happy New Year, hon!

1/02/2006 2:33 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

I gotta say, Tiny Dancer is about the dumbest relationship nickname I can think of. I'm a proponent of true creativity, so even using a nickname he hasn't come up with on his own is bad enough, but his choice is even worse. I think you'd be better off dating the Kazoo.

1/02/2006 3:14 PM  
Blogger @ said...

Jazz...I laughed so much about your contents. That's great! Umm..a yacht could certainly come in handy! Whats a girl to do, its either flooding or a drought! Hum...Barney's buyer......any kind of discount you could turn that into??

Snowqueen,,, dump the boyfriend or you'll end up the old lady with cats! Ahh!

1/02/2006 3:21 PM  
Blogger Former Intern Andy said...

Oh, again with the text messaging bashing. And he said he wished you were there with him? What's wrong with that? No wonder relationships are so screwed up these days. Everyone's walking around with all these freaking rules to live by. For whatever reason.

1/02/2006 3:30 PM  
Blogger iluvnyc said...

happy new year!

1/02/2006 5:50 PM  
Blogger The Stormin Mormon said...

Sadly enough, with the exception of the magazine, I have the same items in my pockets right now.

And yachts kick ass.

1/02/2006 7:23 PM  
Blogger R. U. Serious said...

Between you and me, I am rapidly learning that relationships are incredibly overrated.

1/02/2006 9:48 PM  
Blogger Syar said...

Ok, contents of my purse and/or pockets on the morning of new years day :


My new years eve was spent in a kaftan watching TV, getting ready to sleep. My older sister felt sorry for me, but I didn't mind the B-grade movies.

The only thing I would want from your purse that new years day (since I can't eat liqueur chocolates) would be the kazoo.

and although I'm all for texting, I say stick to your principles Jazz! A HUZZAH Happy New Year to you!

1/02/2006 9:52 PM  
Blogger Katie said...

Yeah, I get texted frequently, and my friends just don't get the point when I call them back instead of retexting. Well, anyways, I hope things go well for monday. Let us know, please.

1/02/2006 10:05 PM  
Blogger Joefish said...

"Hold me closer, Tony Danza... Count the headlights on the highway..."

The kazoo is the icing on the cake with this post. From now on, can you make sure that all of your posts prominently feature a kazoo?

1/03/2006 12:27 PM  

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