Wednesday, June 02, 2010

tired, mary hk choi brilliance

a gem from tavi. i can't believe she's still in junior high. i feel so inadequate. 

i've generally had an exhausting couple weeks. i'm working with the democratic front runner to be the next governor of new york state. and because he held off declaring he was even running until so late and then wanted everything to be a surprise there have been endless last minute press conferences and running around and chaos and early mornings. there was a point on thursday where i thought my body and brain were just going to say, "peace out!" and leave whatever was left on at the rye hilton dem convention floor. i do like these political events because i see a lot of old friends there. a reunion of sorts! and it's always good to be working for the guy you know is going to win, even if doing so is kind of a sacrifice and even if there's no guarantee of a real job later down the line and even if there is a real job, it'll pay beans. 

that being said, it's still great to get out of the law firms for a while.

fleet week was as per usual. grown men throwing themselves at you and whispering all the bad, BAD things they want to do to you in increasingly desperate tones as their 2am curfew approaches. and unfortunately for them, i've rarely been the type (have had my moments) to bring a random guy home whom i've just met. also, i just washed my sheets. they're wasting their time. if they looked like josh hartnett we might have been in business, but just regular old good looking won't cut it, especially as i was sober. 

the boys made another video. it's a little shaky but cute all the same. 

i mean: YES....To me, happy is the awesomest flavor of awesome. Hands down. And this speaks to my earlier response, but I honestly think the best thing you can do each and every day to get happy is incrementally work toward creative goals that are heart-burstingly fulfilling. No matter how daunting and unlikely the prospect of success. I mean, I've been quasi-skint my whole adult life living in a very expensive city and I've launched a TON of things that died or broke and have taken financial risks—but if not now then when? In fact, in the next two years, I'm launching no less than SIX independently published, creator-owned projects with my brother and his fiancée Sonia Oback, who is a super-sick colorist. And those projects will wobble like newborn foal and munch through our savings but, man, it's so thrilling. I'm not rash and foolhardy enough to buy property or have children, so in the meantime if I can just move forward and leave a trail of creative things that I adored putting together, I think I'll be happy as much as it's in my control to be happy. Basically, I think if everyone learned to live like me and followed my teachings they would rule so much harder than if they just went blindly living how they're inclined to. Oh, and consume other creative's things. All the time. Gorge. And applaud. And be covetous. And tell them you hate them to their faces. And learn. 

brilliance from xkcd

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Blogger Syar said...

Gah!! I love that Tavi piece and that Mary HK Choi interview. MHKC is amazing, her writing voice is just glorious! The words she comes up with! Love it. Total lady heroes, the two of them.

6/02/2010 12:09 PM  

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