Friday, June 04, 2010

don't ask me what day it is

life kind of moves by these days and drags me with it. i'm out of town for the next three weekends, a lobster roll throw down, a black tie gala, a wedding in GA. many opportunities to wear the dresses in my closet with tags on them. and also to make myself crazy to find a place to stay for a single night in east hampton #whitepeopleproblems all my days are blending into each other in this strange way when last night i found myself checking my planner, seeing i'd penciled in the cleaners for next thursday but then saying, "no, they came a few days ago" and then realizing it was thursday and that they'd come that very morning. total mindfuck.

met a guy, found out he was a republican which, for me, is a total deal breaker. he wasn't a fiscal conservative either. he gave cagey-ass answers about not thinking humans caused global warming and that he was some big capitalist and wouldn't be able to live with himself if a woman whom he was with ever had an abortion. basically all the WRONG answers. disaster. game over. know what's also wrong? married men hitting on me. it's been happening everywhere i go lately. i'm fairly certain i don't put out the "i will have a torrid affair with you" vibe because 1.) i won't 2.) gross and 3.) i'm not remotely desperate enough to feel any kind of validation from that. so it's probably the boobs. meh.

paid someone to come in and clean my apartment and that woman was scrubbing the corners and washing walls. (who washes walls? do people do that?) and my apt looks amazing. i was cleaning my room and kept finding bottles of designer parfume and lotions and makeup that i collect from various event gift bags so sent her home with a big tote of stuff and lipsticks for her daughters to play with. basically, she's my new best friend.

a friend of a friend has been here illegally for a decade. he was here with asylum but he found out years later that his lawyer never filled out the paperwork correctly at the beginning. he's been married to a lovely woman for 5 years and he just got picked up from his house and brought to a detention center. so i guess this is where my lawyering and politics experience comes in handy because i've helped to put them in touch with their congresswoman and their senator. where the fuck is immigration reform when you need it?

having a weekend with the gays in fire island this weekend. will be a nice break even though it's thunderstormy. i love listening to the ocean and the way my hair feels in the salty air.

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