Saturday, March 04, 2006

back in the saddle

so my roommate emily's birthday was last night. her party was at a cute place in the east village and everyone she knew seemed to show up at this place. this includes most of her boyfriend andrew's friends, several of whom have expressed interest in getting to know me better in the past. literally five guys got my number yesterday, some of them asking right in front of another one. i think i appeared to them to be a hot commodity once they all saw one guy do it and then it was like some crazy competition, "i need to see her too! i need the number! i want to win!"

the list of eligible bachelors:

1.) matt (friend of andrew). real cute, real funny and we get along famously. however, i can't shake the feeling that he wouldn't want to date me and is just super anxious to get me into bed. this stems from a comment andrew made ages ago about how he'd rock my world in bed and that the guy likes a few fingers up his he was giving what he deemed to be essential advice.

2.) amos (friend of andrew). blond but really nice. wears a cowboy hat but has an excellent body. has a lovely apartment and seems comfortable but works in film. for every pro, this guy has a con. he's also lacking a bit of edge and is terribly shy.

3.) mike (friend of emily). this guy is so put together that my friends think he's gay. he's not gay, he's just southern and a total gentleman. we hang out often and he flirted with me tirelessly yesterday but i know he's secretly in love with emily. i'm the runner-up/leftover/consolation prize. i don't like that spot. he already had my number but he said he'd use it more often.

4.) yuriah (random guy at the bar). funny and very cute. he was so intriguing and i really wanted to see him again and was happy he got my number before he left. all this was ruined when, on my way out, i saw he'd returned to the bar and was seriously working the hostess. you can't win them all...

5.) michael (best friend of bar's owner). very very funny. like, my stomach was hurting from how much i was laughing, funny. not really attractive but so nice and he has dogs. the catch: he lives in philly. he was just in for about 36 hours but he asked if he could call next time he was in town and i hope he does.

i think i'll only end up hearing from two of these guys at most but it was good to know i didn't lose my stuff. that, yes, if i want to date i have plenty of options.

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Blogger Katie said...

What about some fingers up his ass? Hmmm, that seems like a bad sign to me, it's good to see that the ex hasn't hurt your flirtastic skills. And, awesome that you're having fun!

3/04/2006 4:20 PM  
Blogger stretch td said...

Oh, the possibilities are endless!

3/04/2006 5:52 PM  
Blogger aria said...

A bit off topic... but the ads by google on the sidebar cracked me up.

3/04/2006 11:49 PM  
Blogger robmcj said...

I'd advise Number 5. Dogs and laughs, a good omen. Some of the others sound a tad creepy.

3/05/2006 1:34 AM  
Blogger Joefish said...

Amos... friend of Andrew? You've got to be pulling my leg with that one.

3/05/2006 4:57 PM  
Blogger Syar said...

when did anyone doubt that you didn't still have "it"?

good spread right there, could've been better but you have options, eh? Michael's about the only one that didn't totally ruin it at the last second. (like the other four)

3/05/2006 9:33 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

Nice work Jazz. You got more numbers in one night then I've managed since December. Maybe I'm too Pennsylvania for this city girls.

3/05/2006 10:35 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

oh NO! I typed THEN instead of THAN. I hate that crap.

3/05/2006 10:36 PM  
Blogger stretch td said...

By the way, your title is wrong. You are not back in the saddle again, you are just shopping for a horse. ;)

3/06/2006 2:11 PM  
Blogger Jon said...

You think youmight hear from 2.... JEZUZ what is wrong with NY guys. I would have a hard time holding off for the mandatory 48 hours (it really is supposed to be 36).

Oh shit, did I just spill a guy secret?

3/07/2006 12:36 AM  

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