Thursday, March 19, 2009

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all of my friend colin's e-mail lately has been going straight into my spam folder. even though he's on my contacts list and i e-mail him half a dozen times a day. this sucks for him because it's happening with other people besides me so nobody is getting his messages. it sucks for me because now i'm having to spend the time sorting through my damn spam to find messages from him. grrrrrr...
another bridesmaid in emily's wedding works in fashion, making clothes. she's making emily's wedding dress and now has offered to make our bridesmaid dresses. this will, i think, be a good thing. mostly because emily couldn't make up her mind about what she wanted and was going to make us all go shopping with her one on one so we could pick out a black dress. so now at least we get to design what we want (i'm thinking a v-neck in the front and back with an a-line skirt to the knees) and it should fit us like a glove. i'll report back on the success of all this.
what is up with march birthdays?! why are there 400 birthday parties every weekend night this month? it's making me feel like i should eliminate (or, as we say in the restaurant business, 86) some friends.
i'm following martha stewart on twitter. best. decision. EVAH. for example: twitter allows only 140 characters in a "tweet" as you know, including punctuation-if i don't use "proper" punctuation that is why
what's not to love about martha explaining what may, in the future, be lack of proper punctuation? also her pugs are blogging now. or are they french bulldogs? i can't remember. some cute thing with a smooshed face.
also, spring is definitely near. peter mentioned it first but he's right, everyone is getting flirty and randy. i prefer the term twitterpated. everything is more exciting than it should be. i wake up in good moods for NO REASON AT ALL. and pretty soon the sun will be rising in the sky at a place that lands right in my bedroom window and i'll be waking up with the sun instead of my churchbell alarm on my phone. wheeeeee!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I got from that was "v-neck in the front."

Yup. Spring.

3/19/2009 11:52 AM  

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