Tuesday, March 17, 2009

hi, i'm a mac!

so my friend david is a mac fiend. he's one of the "every time apple comes out with ANYTHING new he has to buy it immediately" type of guys. so needless to say, he needed one of the new aluminum ones with the illuminated keyboard, etc. and i had planned to buy the same thing (they're so pretty!) when i got my tax refund.
then david is all talking about how some film was peeling off his white macbook and how he'd dropped it and the headphone jack had broken. but he had applecare so he took it in, they gave him a brand new exterior and also a whole new motherboard because that was the only solution for fixing the headphone jack. basically he had a brand new computer but it had software and added hard drive
and because this is a recession and buying a $1700 computer just cause it's pretty when i don't do much more than check e-mail, download music and do light photo stuff and skype occasionally....well this is a recession you know! i told him i might want to buy it. he offered it to me for $800 (after he said he thought he could sell it for 1,000) so i took it.
i'm the proud mama of a new: White Macbook
2.0 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
1GB DDR2 Memory
200GB hard drive
Programs installed:
- Leopard (newest operating system)
- iLife '09
- MS Office '08 (latest office software)
so it's a second-hand one but that's okay. i just don't know how to use it. where did the right-click go?! so confusing. where do multiple windows go? there's no task bar! am going to go to one of the classes at the apple store. they have "transitioning from a pc" classes on the weekends so i'll do that next weekend. very exciting!! and scary!! i'll also have them transfer all my info over but that means i need to go and pull any and all naked photos of myself off my laptop and onto an external hard drive. and i suppose if some apple genius wants to go and restore the dell to two weeks ago and can get around the password protected folders, well then he deserves a peek of whatever old HNTs lie within.
so now i'm justin long instead of john hodgman. which is actually quite sad as john hodgman is totally one of my favorite people and my favorite twitterer next to ana marie cox. but all this is besides the point. my shitty ass dell with the chipped case and the external wireless card whose CTRL and ENTER buttons don't work...peace out!
on a related topic, any suggestions for where to donate said shitty dell? someone might want it for something, yes?

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Blogger Cousin said...

The apple genius/HNT line reminds me of an ancient computer joke, before jpeg was the common format for picture files: Beware of Geeks Bearing GIFs. Which wasn't bad advice when you think about it. I'd sell the S.A.D. on Craigslist, not so much for the money but because there are a lot of poor/strugling kids/students out there who could use one. Suggest that if the wireless can't be made to work to get an inexpensive usb wireless modem off of ebay.

3/18/2009 7:29 AM  
Blogger Wags said...

Welcome to the Mac world. Um, so this is a rather long comment where I avoid connecting the items together so instead I numbered them, sorry... :P

1) I'm still getting use to the no right mouse button on the trackpad, especially since I switch back and forth between a pc and a mac. However you can buy an external mouse with one and it works fine. I know on my air that if you place two fingers on the trackpad then click, it acts like a right mouse click.

b) As for no task bar, the floating bar at the bottom kind of acts as a task / quick launch bar. All open applications will have an icon there, and if one of the quick launch applications is running, it will have a white dot under it.

3) You can have multiple windows, but when you minimize them they go to the quick launch bar on the far right. Also you can have applications running without any windows (close Firefox or Safari's browser window and the application is still running and the menu bar at the top is available, whereas on a PC if you close the last window, the program usually exits).

4) I wouldn't worry as much about the apple people looking at your stuff when they transfer it over, but it is still a concern. If I was having some random independent contractor do it I would definitely worry.

v) Because of the issues with the ctrl and enter buttons not working, your old laptop is a little less desirable, but still can be fixed or used for parts. It looks like some non-profits would take it, such as Computers With Causes:

3/18/2009 6:59 PM  

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