Tuesday, March 03, 2009

dceiver, cheyenne jackson

dceiver is twittering. and he's hilarious. during the non-SOTU we were gifted with these:
"Cut to Roland Burris. He will have 'Attended That Obama Speech, That One Time' on his Mausoleum of Accomplishments"
"Most people inflate their resumes. Roland Burris is the only person I know who has INFLATED HIS MAUSOLEUM ETCHINGS"
"Dick Durban on teevee, kneecapping Burris. Waiting for punk Bobby Rush to appear at attribute all of this to TEH RACISMS"
saw cheyenne jackson at feinstein's last night and if you're in town and have a chance to go to his march 8th cabaret, i'd recommend it. the show had to be under an hour so it felt a bit fleeting but cheyenne was charming, funny, just-the-right-amount of self-depreciating and the guy has the voice of an angel. also, he's very very pretty. i went with brian which meant we got to sit at cheyenne's "family table" alongside his nearest and dearest. cheyenne ran through some of his "new york moments". "new york moments" come mostly to those who love the shit out of this city and still find themselves amazed that they're here! they're really here! and OMG life is amazing! i have my own new york moments though they're on much smaller scales. he has one when he's dancing on stage in front of jerry orbach (cheyenne's first neighbor here, also: new york city icon). i have mine when i'm sitting at a table with cheyenne's boyfriend listening to cheyenne talk about dancing on stage in front of jerry orbach. also, being at the "family table" means we got to meet mr. michael feinstein himself. something my grandma will just about have a heart attack over if i tell her (i like my grandma so i may not break the news at all, at 75 she'd never live through it). we'd go to ravinia to hear him while i was growing up.
his song choices were faultless, my favorite among them was his encore for which he promised (and due to the sheer panic on the face of his accompanist, i believed) he hadn't had anything planned or arranged. (also lending to the credibility was cheyenne's singing directive of "cut here!" in the middle of the song as instruction for the man playing piano.) i've met cheyenne several times but never spent much time speaking with him and so i don't know whether he is, on a day to day basis, hilarious all the time or whether the hilarity was the result of some careful story-crafting. regardless, he was hysterical. telling stories that, at first blush, you almost didn't believe and then i'd turn to see his boyfriend monte (monty?) nod at me and say, "it's true! that really happened!"
speaking of monte, cheyenne's tribute to him was lovely. if a bit unfair. monte isn't nearly as "socially retarded" as cheyenne makes him out to be. it's justs physically impossible for him to be fake/dishonest about something. he won't agree with you if he doesn't actually agree with you. he won't just smile and nod the way a more charming person would do if working a crowd. he's brilliant with a dry sense of humor and hates the spotlight. all this serves to make them a bit of an odd couple but i adore them together. if i were a gay guy i'd be ALL OVER monte. he's smart, trustworthy, good-looking, fairly shy, with a hearty dose of NERD thrown in for good measure. oh, how i DO loves me a geek.
anyway, lovely evening. reminds me why i heart new york so damn much.

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Blogger Cousin said...

I'm a conspiracy theorist: I think all political twittering -- heck, all twittering -- is a plot designed to distract the younger generation so that they concentrate on sillyness (Burris, Rush Limbaugh, the Reality Star du Jour, etc.) and don't notice the government just transfered a half trillion dollars from their generation to the baby boomers. It'll only get worse when Al Franken arrives (not that I want to seem Stormin Normin back, no matter how cute his wife is).

3/04/2009 11:56 AM  

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