Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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i've long had a love affair with conan o'brien. my best friend in grade school were so obsessed with the mere commercials advertising the arrival of his show that we actually had a "conan viewing party" for the premiere. we even loved andy richter. we talked about them as if they were old friends. so it is with great sadness that i had to watch his last episode. and even more sadness that i have to watch him take it up the ass after that shitty-ass move re: leno. conan is one of the only celebrities that i've never seen walking around new york but now i've missed my chance! to the other coast, he's gone. i'm happy i did have the chance to see his show, if only once.
my friend alla came into town recently with her fiance. well, at the time, he was just her boyfriend. she used to live here and then got swept away by a sexy dutch guy. and two years later she came back and we had dinner and she's still the same old crazy, loud, attention grabbing, saying things just for their shock value, clothes-loving princess. i love it. i was afraid she'd get all civil and quiet and european on us. and then she got proposed to, on the staten island ferry and after she finished laughing in his face when she realized what she was up to, she said yes. there's something, to me, that's incredibly sexy about the staten island ferry. it's DEFINITELY not the fact that it goes to staten island, or that it's free. it might be the nathan's hot dog stand.
i'd like to take a moment to declare my crush on gweneth. i've been reading her GOOP blogs and actually really enjoying them. she's friends with mario batali and knows good food. she's a good actress and not a bad singer. i like her husband's band. my only issue is naming your child apple but i'm willing to forgive that and be her best friend anyhow.
i'm still working loads. i would say that i'm enjoying the paychecks but that would be a lie. i barely have enough time to balance my checkbook, much less actually go out or need to use an ATM for anything. so, i'm unintentionally saving i suppose. it's not fun.
i've had a run with lots of cabbies lately (work pays when i'm stuck at the office late). one yesterday was smacking his gum and since that is probably my hugest pet peeve, i tipped him less. i think that was too judgey of me but whatever. i seriously thought i was going to have a rage-induced seizure by the time we got to my house. some cabdrivers have no idea where they're going so i give detailed directions always. then, on the occasion i do get a driver who knows how to get around, he's pissy with me because i'm treating him like a moron. "this is my job, you know," he'll say. meanwhile, for the drivers who don't know which way is north i'm all, "isn't this your fucking job?!" but lately i've had a few chivalrous drivers who wait for me to get into my door before they pull away. it reminds me of being on a date in high school when boys at least feigned manners because they weren't old enough or experienced enough to realize they'd get girls just fine if they were jerks instead.
read some spoilers of the bachelor and they do not make me happy. if you don't want them, stop reading. so jason, apparently, had chemistry for molly and only molly the whole show. that's an issue for the editors who need to make it look like he can't decide. now i hear they've told him that he has to pick melissa first, and can dump her and then date molly. it's a ratings ploy and i can't think of a single reason why he'd do it unless they were paying him up the wazoo for it because he's making himself look like a HUGE ass on national television. so yeah, if true, it all sucks and i'll never watch the show again.

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Blogger Cousin said...

If a cab driver gives me -any- resistance about getting off the GD cellphone, I file a report. That makes me sad about the bachelor -- it's like the NBA ref scandal only worse -- and I don't even watch the show.

2/25/2009 6:24 AM  
Blogger omar said...

"...boys at least feigned manners because they weren't old enough or experienced enough to realize they'd get girls just fine if they were jerks instead."

Truer words have never been spoken.

I used to watch Conan all the time, back when I had the ability to stay up past 11:00. I probably haven't watched in 3 or 4 years. But I did watch his last Late Night show on the internets, and it was sad.

2/25/2009 8:40 AM  
Blogger Alexandra said...

awww... YOU a princess you!! :)

2/26/2009 5:28 AM  

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