Monday, March 16, 2009

internet, you've disappointed me.

so i was e-mailing with cousin who was nice enough to forward his bracket over. i was bragging about my friend jim who stumped the schwab and i see his name is absent from the "winners list" on wikipedia! it's like seeing a huge crack in the foundation of human knowledge. response to my last post where i called most of michael ian black's blog readers morons, i expected some hate mail. i was prepared for it. but what do i get? a well-reasoned, well-intentioned comment:
"The comments from Michaels fans who were not in on the age joke are obviously NOT his biggest fans, or his long time readers from the blog. The names were unfamiliar to this long time reader, I can tell you that much.
More than likely, those comments came from fans who found him via twitter."
how nice is that? how informative?! see how he doesn't get upset at me? or judge me? or talk about my ladybits? or even say that i'm wrong? see how he mostly even seems to agree with me? good lord!
when i e-mailed jon to express my utter disbelief, he summed it up best: "I'm just confused. I thought the Internet was all about anonymous hate? This is not the Internet I grew up with."
such ideas re-affirmed here with david pogue's story.
on the other hand...i do think the internet impresses me more than upsets me. i suppose it varies depending on how good the information is on LOST and how many screencaps there are of very small print on things blown up on HD the next day. but generally, the internet has done me plenty of favors...
ted once talked about writing a thank you note to the internet after he found a really good "special" brownie recipe.
i should also thank it for that time that i missed that episode of will and grace based on "sound of music" and wags did the most awesome thing EVER and put it on a dvd for me and put it in the mail.
and for every good roommate i've ever found through craigslist. and for that dude who worked at comedy central who bought my beat up purple chevy cavalier from me for way more than it was worth the first year i moved from new york, also from craigslist.
i mean, okay. fine. internet i lurve you. a lot. and i'm sorry i ever doubted you. bisous!

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