Saturday, March 14, 2009

gossip girl, brackets, MIB

so i have that gossip girl themed party this weekend. thinking a simple plaid skirt, some knee highs, a white button down and a plaid tie will do the trick. not exactly sure where to get all that, however.
hey people who pay attention to basketball! i need to do my bracket. send some informed suggestions my way por favor! leave them in the comments or e-mail your bracket over: jazzinstrangeplaces at gmail.
katie's dad is in town for the big east tournament (he went to syracuse) and we have so much fun hanging out with her dad and his friends. they just get WASTED. and frankly, it's nice to just hang out with men who aren't trying to take you home.
the michael ian black thing was endless entertainment on an otherwise boring friday. i had a friend sending me the comments from his post. his fans are retarded. he's a comedian, he wrote a fairly funny post. made a joke about how he was 26 and more than half the commenters DID NOT GET THE JOKE. told him that 26 wasn't old, that they couldn't believe he was 26, and "are you kidding? you're 26?!" ad infinitum. these were not "i'm being clever by making jokes that extend from your jokes" comments. they were all impossibly earnest and that makes me sad. i'd be so depressed if my biggest fans just didn't get my sense of humor, at all. his whole post was in jest and there are these random people who think he's angry, and are getting angry on his behalf. it was just such a sorry display. he made a joke about how i was older than him and then all his commenters are making LAME jokes about how old i am. how i have a "withered corn husk" as my ladybits. it all would have been so funny had i not just felt so BAD for michael ian black that 90% of his readers are so soooo soooooooo stupid.
my friend lacey was at a political event and she sent me a text "i'm at X event and i think the magician is here." the magician is jewish boy genius who may have written a magic book at the tender age of 14. so at this event, a guy walks up to her and says "hello" and then they have a normal conversation. and then he asks for her number. and then the next day he calls and asks to get a drink next week. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! there exists in new york a nice, straightforward guy who doesn't play games. i'm still in shock over the whole thing.
also, my good friend from law school, jill is blogging her new life with her new baby in luxembourg where they just moved because her husband got a job there. she's new to the blogging thing but she's taking lots of pictures and giving lots of local color and has cute, funny stories. if you want to take a trip to france from your desk, her blog is a good place to start. she says i write the way i talk and i don't think about it much but i suppose it's true. mostly because i don't take time to craft sentences, never read over what i've written and literally DO just type what i'd say out loud if you were sitting in front of me.
maybe someday i'll try to really write here. but that takes more time. so, i'll do it the next time i'm unemployed, how's that?

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Blogger Cousin said...

I'll email my bracket, but I know the one you really want is Obama's (I read he's going to release one -- that'll put some pressure on his final four!)

3/15/2009 11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The comments from Michaels fans who were not in on the age joke are obviously NOT his biggest fans, or his long time readers from the blog. The names were unfamiliar to this long time reader, I can tell you that much.

More than likely, those comments came from fans who found him via twitter.

3/16/2009 1:10 PM  

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