Friday, March 20, 2009

snow, tattoo, sufjan, zappos

i got hit in the face with something this morning. i was sleepy, not paying much attention but it was then i decided to look up from the sidewalk and i noticed it everywhere: snow. my first thought, "what is this? ithaca?" mostly because when it snows as early as october 15th and as late as may 15th somewhere, that place is likely in the snow belt.
i've always wanted a tattoo but for some reason the urge is becoming too hard to bear. i don't even know what i'd get which is reason number 1 for not getting one. it could also be reasons 2-25 as well. i think it want it on my upper back, just below my neck. don't ask why. i will likely NOT do this but right now i can't stop thinking about it.
oy, twitterpated people are everywhere. got an e-mail, completely out of the blue, from an old crush who lives in london, asking if i'd come to visit. WHA?! then, THEN i find out he's actually coming to new york in april with a huge group of students but is on "teacher/babysitting" duty around the clock. and when i begged to let him sneak in on some museum tours with them (he teaches art history) he said no! that does not make jasmine happy. especially since i'm so short and would blend in with his 14 year long as i wore a baggy enough sweater.
 have pretty much every minute of my weekend planned already. i hate this. also, key west is next weekend! that means drunkennes, sun, sleeping in, para sailing, booze cruises, and NOT WORKING. hallelujah!
bought tickets to this, mostly on the hopes that sufjan stevens comes to play. that is how obsessed and stalky about him i am. it's soooo sad. also, i bought an extra pair that i can scalp for lots of money because the concert is pretty amazing and will sell out, orchestra seats, etc.
 i have the honor of being a VIP. in life generally, but most importantly at i think they need to start paying me as i pretty much walk around all day talking about how much i love them. case in point, because of my vip status i get free next day shipping on all my shoes now. and if i may, i want to remind y'all that return shipping is also free! it may be the best thing that's ever happened to me. i'm mostly serious. i'm a happy zappos cheerleader, and proud of it.
tomorrow night i'm going to a birthday party at a bar that's closed. but, apparently, secretly open one night a week. i don't ask questions any more in this town. i just show up and hope things work out. is it healthy to be this blasé about everything?

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