Friday, February 20, 2009

christian scherer the cheater: a compilation

Someone recently left this comment on the blog: "Please find compassion in your heart for someone whom you once loved and take down the posts about Christian Scherer. You have punished him long enough and hopefully worked him out of your system in doing so. It is destructive (and bad karma) to maintain this kind of hate and anger toward anyone. Forgive, forget, move on my dear! You deserve an awesome life! Thank you."

I see their point, but they miss mine. These posts aren't up here to punish him. They're up here to warn other women who might cross paths with him that they can do better. What I wouldn't have given for anyone who knew his ways, to give me a warning. One of his best friends, early on, told me I could do better. But I didn't get it. It wasn't a clear enough warning that, "hey, this guy massively cheats on every girl he meets. He's a compulsive liar with huge psychological issues." 

Less than six months ago someone dropped by and left a note that "he's still at it" and seeing as I knew the almost decade of cheating he had behind him and his complete unwillingness to really acknowledge that he was doing anything wrong meant he wasn't going to stop. And years later, he clearly hasn't. This is a flare for the ladies. We need to help each other out where we can.

SO: all the "Christian Scherer is a remorseless jackass" posts in one place. 

First post

Follow up

Still at it!

I don't think it's the place of an anonymous commenter to tell me to "forgive, forget and move on" or to call me "my dear" but that's besides the point. No nice girl should be fooled by this crazy person. Or, even worse, be stalked by him afterwards for months like he did with me. I was scared to come home nights. He's a freak with an ego the size of California, a man to be avoided at all costs. 

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