Friday, May 23, 2008

happy long weekend!

have spent the week working extra hours so that i can leave work early today for the house.

one of the fund partners is bringing his kids (ages 8 and 14). i'm not that big a fan of children but they're old enough to speak to as adults, which is good because i'm incapable of fawning and speaking in cutesy voices that babies love.

i left work last night after what was possibly the longest week in the history of weeks. like, tuesday felt like thursday. that shit is fucked up. but i'm leaving my times square building and i'm almost run down, salmon-swimming-upstream style, by a mass of marines. i holler out a "semper fi!" and then it hits me: FLEET WEEK!

and i'm missing the whole damn thing! however, i'm not getting any younger and the groups that come out consistently look like they're 16 so it's probably for the better. unless i want to start deserving the nickname "cougar."

my lasik eyes are doing well and the bruises are just about gone. i have zero dryness and my night vision is good so count me out of that 4% that has complications from this deal. whoopee! have a great one folks...

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