Friday, April 11, 2008

memoirs of a hamptons geisha

i've knocked the hamptons a lot. and people who spend time in the
hamptons. i'm a hater.

and now i'm a hypocrite.

emily sends over 15 pictures of this stunning house that the partners
of her fiancee's hedge fun have bought for the summer. then he tells
her to invite her friends for the paltry sum of 1500 for the summer.
to some, that may sound like a lot of money. to put things in
perspective: the house is renting at 10K a WEEK for the entire summer.
most people who buy into shitty hamptons shares for half the summer
(every other weekend) will pay at least 5K. this old dude is telling
em that we can come out for 1500. it's insane. and although 1500 is
still a lot of money, it amounts to mini vacations to the beach every
weekend with emily who is one of my best friends and i wouldn't want
to be stuck in the city without her all summer.

what this also means, is that i'm, yet again, playing the geisha girl.
emily's friends will serve as the "young hot mostly naked" woman
quotient and the partners can feel better about themselves for having
us around. they can impress their friends with the quality of the
boobage sunning near the pool.

does that make me feel cheap? a little. do i care much at this point?
not really.

1 people who played with me:

Blogger Percy said...

"quality of boobage"

that is a funny line.. I like it..

I need some quality boobage around my place this summer too!!

4/12/2008 9:34 AM  

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