Monday, May 19, 2008

aids walk

thank you to those who helped me reach my goal for the aids walk. i had two mystery donations from people i didn't know so i'm assuming they're from a couple of readers. so thank you thank you mystery folks for being so generous. i not only met my goal of $500, i was able to double it and raise $1,000!

i did hit a wall at $900 and e-mailed my ceo friend asking for the last $100. starts drunk texting me on friday asking me when i'm going to come over to grill shrimp (i make MEAN grilled shrimp, i have a top secret marinade). i ask him when he's going to donate. i get dead silence from then on out. he donates saturday evening (i'm assuming he's also drunk again) and he starts trying to get me to come over, totally suggesting some kind of booty call. now, since i've never so much as touched the CEO, for him to think i'd hook up with him now even though we've known each other for 4 years, is pretty preposterous.

unless he thinks he's "earned" a visit for his donation which is even worse because it means he thinks i'm the cheapest prostitute ever. but an oh-so-charitable one at that, giving all my earnings to non-profit orgs.

the rest of the day was spent lazing around and resting our legs and drinking copious amounts of beer.

purchased this weekend at zara: some gorgeous silk cover-ups that make me feel as though i belong on a big ole yacht. perfect for my glamorous summer share, no?

a sidenote: i woke up on tuesday with about 15 little red bumps on one of my thighs. "FUCK, bedbugs are back," was my first thought. and so i sprayed my room up and down with bug junk and spent the better part of the week contemplating suicide. i seriously think it would be easier to kill myself than deal with that mess again. i slept in longĀ  johns every night to keep my skin covered. i arrive at the walk and our friend mike walks up to me, "do you happen to have little red bumps on your body? we all have them, we think it's from the hot tub last weekend." i was so happy that the bumps were not bug bites that i could have kissed every single damn person within 30 feet. of course, that could mean that i have some other deadly disease or something but the bumps have just about disappeared. one guy went to a dermatologist who said that if they don't itch or get worse, that there was nothing he could do and it likely wasn't dangerous. crossing our fingers on that one...

3 people who played with me:

Blogger The Stormin Mormon said...

One way or another I will get that shrimp recipe... ;-)

5/19/2008 9:23 PM  
Blogger The Stormin Mormon said...

PS: What ya drinkin' these days?

5/19/2008 9:24 PM  
Blogger cadiz12 said...

i don't know much about hot tubs. what could have caused the bumps?

5/19/2008 9:45 PM  

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