Monday, May 12, 2008

the weekend

editors note: if you can spare it, i'd appreciate your support in this year's NYC AIDS walk...

spent the weekend with the gays at fire island and had a fabulous time.

nothing like a weekend under the sun, at the beach, getting groped by gays who were obsessing over my boobs/butt to make you return home re-invigorated and feeling cute and sassy.

i spent some quality time in the hot tub, my first and last at their house because i fear it will be laden with bodily fluids in no time. i was lucky enough to catch it the day after it had been filled.

this is going to be a long week. no less than 3 star-studded events that is should be excited about but instead i'm annoyed that i have to wear heels/dress-up and i'm still afraid to wear makeup post surgery (a whole post on the lasik later, in short: life changing).

i did buy myself some beautiful YSL sunglasses so i'm officially ready for the sun though my sunburned nose and cheekbones today say otherwise.

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