Tuesday, May 06, 2008

oh yeah...

"hey, you! remember that thing you used to do? it's called blogging?"

"who, me?"

"yeah, you."

"oh, yeah, blogging. i kinda forgot."

"how do you just forget?"

"well, for starters, i started working tons of overtime at work. oh, and then there was that lasik eye surgery. and now, really, well it's getting warmer and i'm going out more and spring galas are happening, whatnot. suppose i just keep forgetting to write things at night..."

"that's no excuse."

"oh, it feels very excuse-y to me, actually."

"you'll love this, you know that guy at the weather channel that you just loved? your boyfriend from college, jon, used to make fun of you endlessly for it?"

"yeah, bob stokes. i just thought he was such a cute, pleasant little guy. he made even rainy weather seem happy."

"well get a load of this."


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