Tuesday, September 11, 2007

sexual ambiguity and stripes

so the party last night was madness. it was a paul smith party (with awesome gift bags, btw) at the gansevoort hotel.

we get there and the line is three blocks long. i don't do lines. so we called our friend who walked us right in. it took everything in me not to yell "suckas!" at the waiting folk as we glided by them. i think i'm entitled to be smug about my connections every once in a while, don't you think?

we get upstairs and the lines by the bar were horrendous. "oh, my company has a tab open at the cash bar, just use that" so instead of waiting with the masses for the open bar drinks, we drank on the host company's tab. rock. on. there wasn't a big celebrity turnout. sean scott thomas william something...hold on, i'll look him up, he's a guy with three first names... seann william scott was there. the highlight of the night, and possibly, of my life was getting to stand near nigel barker for a good half hour. the man is a tall glass of water. i'm in love. we met this really hot man (model, of course) from atlanta. he was kind of colin farrellish, but put shaggy hair on him and make him sweeter. we all assumed he was gay but once we started talking to him, we couldn't tell.

we invited him back to the company suite (where about 50K of clothes were stashed) and we ordered more bottles of alcohol and champagne for the 8 of us. we had a dance party where mr. ambiguous was grinding with both the men and women equally. he and a gay would hole up on the balcony but then 10 minutes later he'd be straddling me telling me he was going to go home with me.

i'm certain he was purposefully trying to keep us guessing. and it worked. and i was out until 3:30 which is just too damn late for a monday night. then i showed up to work over an hour late because i couldn't manage to get out of bed while it was still raining. i hate rain when i have to leave my house so i literally stayed in bed an extra hour to wait it out. i'm a mess. but now i'm a mess with cute stripey socks.

Update: so apparently after i left, all the gays started getting naked so they could hang out in the steam room and ambiguous said he was straight. ha! also, i forgot to mention the best part. he introduced his name to me as christian (pronounced chris-tee-an) but introduced himself to others as pi. like 3.141. only in new york kids, only in new york...

2 people who played with me:

Blogger Peter DeWolf said...

Cute socks.

Pi? For real? Did anyone call him on it?

"Dude, you are standing at least 6 decimal places too close to me."

9/11/2007 2:21 PM  
Blogger Syar said...

Those *are* cute socks.

Was he referring to the book 'Life of Pi' at all? Cause that book was creepy.

9/12/2007 7:30 AM  

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