Monday, June 19, 2006

open letter to christian scherer also see 2/3/09 update

ed. note: a girl in my office just found out she was being cheated on massively by her disgusting ex. i've been sitting here listening her to tell me how he says he's changed. i'm watching her find out that he was actually cheating on her with multiple people. it's reminding me how shitty some men can be. i never actually called the ex out by name and right now, i can't remember why. he still reads regularly so i'm burying this in the archives where maybe his next victim can google it. enjoy!

dear chris scherer, chris t scherer, christian t scherer, "jeeves",

you're a stalking, pathetic, compulsive lying, cheating, disgusting excuse for a human being.

for anyone attempting to date him:

1.) he's not an attorney. his big secret is that he's taken the bar several times and can't pass but tells everyone he's licensed. don't believe him.
2.) he will tell you he's changed. don't believe him.
3.) he'll tell you he's not still sleeping with his miserable ex liz. don't believe him.
4.) he saves his other girlfriends under guy's names in his phone.
5.) whenever his phone battery "dies" don't believe him.
6.) if he buys you nice things, he's cheating on you.

good luck!

more detailed stories can be found here!

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Blogger Glo said...

oooo...this makes me so tempted to do the same thing. I frequently wish there was a blog like postsecret where women could share these tidbits. We could log on - find the guys out - and save our sister suffragettes a whole lot of the same old pain.


The end.

10/14/2007 5:32 PM  

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