Friday, November 11, 2011

Another Party...

colin just sent out an email with the title "another party..."
and that's kind of how it is these days. always parties happening promoting some designer or brand or magazine. always something. i never thought i'd be the person to be so blase about free booze in chic locales, but i'm sort of over it. waiting at bars, waiting in line outside until a friend can come and pull you out of line, lots of insipid people standing around looking dismissively at canape trays.
the ny observer is looking for a party reporter and as tempted as i am to send in something on spec, i keep thinking, "but you don't even like parties! you're over parties!"
i keep opening up draft documents and starting to write up one event or another and then discarding the draft.
other things i keep doing: listening to spanish language videos to brush up before i head south. my vocabulary stinks and i've forgotten most my tenses so my spanish is all present tense and kind of jerky. i'm getting back into the swing of speaking about things i could do or will do or am doing or asking people to do things for me (oh, hey reflexive verbs!)
so yeah, i'm basically getting back into the espanol and it's pretty fun! i'm excited to have two whole weeks to try it out.

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