Thursday, November 10, 2011


i have a new roommate. lovely girl! so quiet! a student! i like all of these things!
and when you've lived with as many people as i have over the years you learn to let go, to a certain extent. if what a roommate is doing is annoying, but not anything that 1.) filthies the house 2.) attracts rodents/pests 3.) makes the apartment less safe or tranquil, i'm apt to just let it go. i'm never home anyways.
HOWEVER, this new one is doing something weird with toilet paper. in the last month she's been with us she's filled our bathroom garbage twice with rolls of toilet paper. she'll take what i'd guess is 1 foot of toilet paper and seems to roll it around  her index finger and then tosses it. if she were blowing her nose wouldn't it be all crinkled up? the little rolls look pristine. i have no idea what they're for. and if toilet paper cost more than $1 a roll, maybe i'd say something, but it doesn't. whatever she's doing isn't really an inconvenience as long as she's taking the trash out (which i think she is).
the mystery is literally killing me. i was telling colin and ted about it and they want me to buy rubber gloves and inspect but that seems gross and crazy. i don't want to know THAT bad.
i ran into our other roommate james though and even he mentioned it to me. he said, "is this just a girl thing?" and i had to confess i had no idea what was going on. so it's small consolation that he's mystified too.

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Blogger Syar said...

Ohhh housemates. I think my problem, and my other housemate's problem is the thing you've learned to get over. We can't let go of things? She's worse at it than I am, but it gets pretty bad sometimes, and I concoct fights with any of the 3 of them as I'm washing the dishes (again, damn, does no one else in this stupid house wash the dishes?)

But okay, this is so weird! Maybe she's rolling something within the tp, like a booger, but she's scared to just use one or two squares so she uses a bunch?? I'm so intrigued (but yeah, not going in there with rubber gloves intrigued. If somebody else did it though, I wouldn't be against it)

11/10/2011 11:30 PM  

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