Tuesday, November 08, 2011

so i already missed a day

i'm going to forgive myself because i was out of town for a wedding.
a wedding which was really lovely and save for the fact that my drunk-ass friends never clean up after themselves and another friend of ours brought her boyfriend, who was disrespectful and otherwise sulked around miserably all weekend because he thinks he's too cool for us, it was a great weekend.
there's something so satisfying in going to the wedding of a couple that you know is perfect for each other. who compliments each other in the best ways and tempers each others' faults. their videographer sat them down and had them each tell the story of how they met. he edited their stories together, with each of them interrupting the other one to correct thier version of events, and it turned into the sweetest, most perfect capsule of who they were as a couple. the constant laughter and humor that they both shared, the teasing back and forth.
and all our friends came out so there's nothing better than sharing that kind of love with a whole gaggle of loved ones.
i hate on weddings a lot. mostly the travel, the cost, the pomp and circumstance (such a waste of money!), but my inner cynic took a backseat this past weekend.

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