Tuesday, March 22, 2011

an update? no links.

so i got and quit a job writing for AOL Travel all within the same month. it just wasn't writing and i'm not in this for the money. i write because i like it, not because i want to feed the public SEO keywords the way you feed ducks from which you get foie gras. it was killing my soul.
i also got set up with a gig (maybe one time, still waiting on the verdict from the client) copywriting advertorials. (you know, those things that are ads but are presented like editorial mumbo jumbo.) and it pays good. like, insanely good. and takes no time at all and for the first time ever the thought has crossed my mind that i could actually write for a living someday. it was a small thought. a little, fleeting thing, but still. it was electrifying.
i have a series of birthdays and weddings and bachelorettes still. it's hard to find my own time and i'd kill for a single day that i didn't have something due under a deadline. but i suppose i'd still be pitching or my head would be full of things to pitch and various angles and whatnot. as it is i'm antsy. david and i think that goa, sri lanka and the maldives are going to be our winter trip this year. but i'd probably go a week early and stay in kerala and finally spend a week detoxing at an ayurvedic clinic, something i've been hoping to do for a while now. i'm itching to just get the ticket so that i have it. so when i'm stressed or upset i can stare longingly at my ticket to someplace beautiful.
speaking of beautiful, i'm not even sure i wrote anything about san juan del sur. that was beautiful too. and we lazed in hammocks and gazed off the edge of our private infinity pool to the ocean down below, from our little hillside perch. we had the best coffee ever. and homecooked meals by private chefs. a surfer chick chaffeur. lots of star gazing and satellite spotting. early bedtimes and rising with the sun.
something i wrote for capital ny.
i got in a cab the other day and found a clutch with a debit card and driver's license. i google this chick and see that she's on linkedin and message her. i've heard nothing. i called her office and left my number. nothing. you'd think this idiot would want her freaking purse back but at this rate i'm waiting for her to email me in three weeks asking me to fucking hand-deliver it to her office. i'd sooner drop it off at nyc transit lost and found where she's guaranteed to never get the thing back. i thought i was doing her a favor and here she can't even be bothered.
it's going to snow tomorrow. wish i had my ticket to goa.

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Blogger cadiz12 said...

it's hella hard to find a well-paying writing gig these days. you may already have experience with this, but if you're writing advertorial, you are at the whims of the client. hence the big bucks. but i'm sure you'll be great.

my father's family is originally from around Goa. i can't wait to go there some day.

3/23/2011 11:48 PM  

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