Friday, February 11, 2011

LCD Soundsystem

so LCD Soundsystem announced their last concert. i think being famous just isn't really fun for james murphy, who is friends with aziz ansari and david chang so i'm obviously obsessed with him by default, just about. but anyway, fucking ticketmaster sold half their tickets to the scalpers at stubhub and whatever other ticket companies (one is a parent company, even?) and nobody got any. nobody who was a real fan seemed to get any.
then they tweeted: folks: maybe don't buy ANY resell tickets for at least 48 hours? give me/us that much time to try to figure something out. 
then james posted (maybe to his website first but it's been down for an hour, or maybe even straight to the brooklyn vegan comments section: this, which is just about the most heartfelt, heartwrenching thing i've ever heard come from a musician. (and doesn't help me wanting to be his best friend, AT ALL.) but basically, they were really bummed and he was angry. and so they've added 4 shows, ID only. how awesome and stand-up is that? that he even fucking cares about half the losers trolling comments sections who've been ripping him a new asshole all day and all week, basically, since they announced the finale? he doesn't owe them (or me) a damn thing. james murphy, you're my hero.

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