Thursday, January 27, 2011

justin vernon making me cry, ladies,

gave some product recommendations here. if you haven't heard of it yet, birchbox is amazing. for a mere $10 a month you get good sized samples of products that the editors there tested and decided they liked, so it's not just any old junk. curated samples. awesome. little presents once a month? even better. goddamn my crappy post office that i can't ever get anything shipped to me because someone steals it, or i'd buy into this in a heartbeat. i'm still trying to get the mail people to deliver my new yorkers. just a magazine!
maybe it's the weather but i've been listening to a lot of melancholy stuff lately. bon iver, adele. i am digging sufjan's newest each time i make it through the album. andrew bird. all lullabys these folks. i mean, a LOT of bon iver. i think if i ever met justin vernon i'm not sure i'd get out any words to tell him how deepy touched i am by his music. i think i might very well walk right up to him and do something embarassing and, i dunno, start crying. actually, that is EXACTLY what i'd do. just weep like a weird, sad lady.
speaking of embarassing myself! for the hairpin. on making up dances to paula abdul songs and on flashing.
and speaking of lady...all the kids in southeast asia called me lady. "lady, you wanna buy my postcards? where you live? albany is the capital of new york!" lady lady lady. and i guess i am. a lady, that is. i understand that i'm 30 but i don't really feel like a woman all the time. maybe it's because i'm often just as confused about things as i was when i was in high school. except for that the fine lines are going to start showing up around my eyes any minute. justy and i are going to a grownup brunch on sunday. i keep calling it that, even though, yes, i'm actually an adult myself. but this is at an older, refined couple's place. a place so fancy that i can't even try to bring wine because their cabinet is probably full of lafite and what would i show up with? some $40 something that they'd cook with? life is confusing sometimes, guys.
i have a new new year's resolution. the folks at joseph leonard were keeping track of theirs, which were all variations having to do with internet porn (stop watching it, start directing it, star in it, etc.) and then everyone agreed they want to learn french. which i actually do. but my real, honest to god resolution is to stop reading internet recaps of shows that i don't watch, or have any intention of watching. this is a thing i do. i know an alarming amount about the real housewives of beverly hills for someone who doesn't have a t.v. and even if she did have t.v., wouldn't have cable.

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Blogger Syar said...

Oh man, I need to make that my resolution too! So many recaps, so many shows I've never watched/stopped watching ages ago! Why?

1/27/2011 8:40 PM  

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