Monday, January 10, 2011


i worry when i get e-mails that go something like, "david needs our help with a video. save the 21st."
the boys have been at it for the past couple months, making and curating videos over here.
in the last week i've my schedules for january and february have completely filled up. my year is filling up. i have five weddings this year. i have two 30th birthadays that require significant travel. it makes me want to drop everything and go into hiding somewhere in vietnam so i can eat my pho for breakfast in peace.
"i don't look in a microscope when i flip the chicken." - jose andres on why he doesn't use the phrase molecular gastronomy. cute bit about how he makes up words that he thinks are english but his staff doesn't correct him when the words aren't actually english. and also about hiding asparagus from alice waters when it's not local.

booked tickets to nicaragua for feb. used miles since i'm phasing out american airlines. got first class seats round trip for 45K? how is that even possible? i don't know! it's crazy! i'll take it!

modern family: james marsden, a pippin reference, and mitch being an asshole over word usage (i'm mitch! i'm a judgey asshole!). LOVE SO MUCH. jokes about gay marriage. who isn't watching this show? what's your excuse?
vowed to stop eating bread then got invited to a "breakfast for dinner" supper club dinner where fried chicken and waffles will be served. and cheese and sausage dumplings. so obviously i'm going. just don't ask how my stomach is doing the next day. the sacrifices i make for culinary explorations!
did a radio interview over here about food and food writing. i talk too much and don't answer his questions until i've already talked in circles for 5 minutes. basically, i'm better at doing interviews than giving them.

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