Sunday, March 06, 2011

my saturday

woke up at 8:30 and started a gigantic pile of laundry.
made myself a smoothie (frozen mixed berries, flax seeds, almond milk) and tried a neti pot for the first time (not so bad!)
brunch at joseph leonard with dirk: bloody mary, salmon salad, three glasses of pinot gris and a slice of carrot cake. my gays walked in to my brunch spot and so we all went off together for some shopping.
drooled over everything inside bruno cucinelli. dead for his cashmere and drapey, sweaters and vests with crisp white shirts tucked underneath, all wrapped up in a leather belt. BEAUTIFUL.
stopped at bill bar and burger: one glass of pinot grigio. ordered onion rings that never came.
then to the lion king theater where i got a backstage tour and we picked up dirk's husband for an early dinner.
marseille: tuna tartare, no wine.
dirk and i went off to elsewhere: 2.5 glasses of cab, one bowl of popcorn with rosemary lavendar butter.
dinner at tenpenny: 3 glasses of Montepulciano, mixed chips, scallops, pork belly croquettas, french onion soup (one of the best things i've tasted in months), pork chop, ravioli, mixed lettuces salad (so much better than it sounds) and for dessert: chocolate cake with malted gelato and a kaffir lime tart with pistachio gelato
up to fishtag to meet up with friends: 1 glass of verdicchio that basically went untouched. offered the uni (which is incredible) but was stuffed, turned it down.
parlour with the boys: one vodka soda, another bought for me and never touched.
passed out in the cab home and got to bed somewhere just before 3am.
all this is to say: 1.) i can't believe the level of sustained all-day drinking that happened and 2.) i probably shouldn't be alive right now but 3.) i am but my body certainly can't handle shit like that anymore.

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Blogger cadiz12 said...

i can't fathom the level of sustained all-day DOING that you do. girl, i live the highlife vicariously through you.

3/07/2011 12:35 PM  

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