Tuesday, January 25, 2011


a few clips:
the amazing-looking trailer for the bill cunningham documentary. i still can't believe colin and justin made it into his styles section for the jazz-age weekend. theme: suspenders!
colin and i hit locanda verde's second annual trufflepalooza last night. we got the prime deuce in the far back of the diningoom, the best, and my favorite table in the whole place. too bad he's gay, otherwise it'd have been a perfect date-night table. the gnocchi won the night for me. and i wasn't expecting much from the citrus tiramisu but holy hell, was that shit good. and, how's this for some white whine: i do think i prefer a white truffle over a black truffle but the whole experience of those dinners is festive and decadent at the same time. rock on andrew carmellini! (if you're reading this, i may try to hunt you down for a story for AOL shortly, if you're interested!)
oh, yeah, i'm writing for AOL now. and they pay. hallelujah.
we're booked for nicaragua. we're staying on a farm with a private chauffeur and a private chef and we have a private infinity pool. i mean, insanity. for $400 for the week. it's about a 5 minute drive from the beaches at san juan del sur but with our own chauffeur, who the f cares?! and it'll be warm and the beer will be cheap and hopefully we won't get shaken down for too much money by the cops in nicaragua on the way from managua.
watching the SOTU tonight with azi and the kids from WNYC. may have some snarky twittering to do, follow it here: http://twitter.com/jasminemoy
told a little story for the hairpin today. paula abdul, i love your crazy face!
my schedule is becoming manic. everyone is moving or having babies or birthdays. it's a mess. chili fest this weekend!

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