Sunday, February 27, 2011

nica, cat, taxes.

ever find yourself thinking, "oh, it's so cute that that guy remembered what i said about X" and then remember that such a thing is just called, "listening" and that it shouldn't be so impressive?
i'm not really a cat person. but i'm a choire person. and choire lost his cat. a cat that he talks about and features often on his tumblr. and, sadly, cat has passed. and, though i've never met cat, i felt a bit mopey about this. i offered to send choire a new york feel better basket but his hubby is in the city anyway and then we just discussed what he should have him bring back. so i guess i'm off the hook for gift basket duty?
but as i was roaming through tumblr looking for more cat, i found this: -- which i missed whilst traipsing through SE asia -- with seth looking particularly dapper and otherwise sounding crazy because he's speaking like he writes, which he doesn't so much do in person. or, at least, not to the extent that it regularly kills conversation like it does here in this bloggingheads?
had been hiding from my w-2s. those months of unemployment and scattered varied checks from the writing gigs, and thinking about how to expense what when i basically have two different careers? all these things were giving me cold sweats. hiding also WASN'T SOLVING MY PROBLEM. so i fucking did my fucking taxes and, HEY! i'm getting money back? not sure how this happens. but I'LL TAKE IT. i didn't expense nearly as much as i could have but i'm not feeling like i want to walk that line that trips an audit. i'm smart like that.
nicaragua was a dream. we stayed on an eco-farm and drank the most amazing coffee that had been grown on the farm and roasted that morning and then we'd put milk in our coffee that had been taken from cows and boiled that morning, etc. it was non-stop rustic luxury. perfect. lovely. sunsets that rivaled those we saw in kenya.
oscar party tonight. dirk has promised a gluten-free weight watcher compliant meal. i love when other people force me to eat better than i'd be otherwise inclined to eat. that's not to say i won't still drink a full bottle of wine by myself, mind you.

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