Wednesday, August 12, 2009

eleven madison park, yankees, softball, blah diddy blah

am finally feeling better.

last week was a mess. there's nothing to make you grateful for your health than being sick. post-doctor friday morning i called out for the rest of the weekend and booked a ticket to chicago for a little r&r since kate and i never do anything but lay around the house with the dogs watching really bad reality television or those forensics shows about detectives or psychics figuring out how some woman died (hint: it's always the husband).

but first: yankees game vs. boston. being still fairly sick, i shouldn't have gone at all but, come on. like i'm going to pass up a free ticket to that shiz. i didn't drink and only ate half my hot dog. we stayed to the bottom of the 13th and i listened to the last two innings on the radio. a-rod, coming to the rescue in a clutch. imagine that! also, why hasn't anyone out there hooked me up with robinson cano yet? i can't marry that man until we have some proper time together so the sooner this all happens, the better.

i stopped over to chicago for a grand 24 hours to see kate. it actually was pretty awful. which is so sad because chicago is my safe place. and this weekend i was just so out of sorts because i wasn't feeling well and also because it was ALL about kate being pregnant. and i get that that's a huge thing and they're both a bit terrified but it was almost as if this is something that people haven't been doing for centuries. the way she talked about being pregnant sounded like she is the only person in the world who is carrying a child. at a certain point i just started tuning it all out. and it really just felt like the end of me and kate as i know it. my fears that she can't be a "normal" friend and that it'll be all about children from here on out was pretty substantiated. i dunno. it's just kinda sad. it's REALLY fucking sad, actually.

i laughed at this, more than i thought i would.

the man who takes me on a date to daniel wins another date. also, how hot is xavier herit?! i have a thing for french accents. i blame eric ripert.

in the comments of my last post i got this: "just saw your post about christian scherer. leaving a comment here because i figured you're more likely to see it. HE IS STILL AT IT. how do i get in touch with you? you will die when you hear this!"

though i haven't heard from her, she's more than welcome to drop a line. sympathetic ear, etc. but christian scherer is a one trick pony. dude has NOTHING else going for him besides the fact that it's easy for him to lie and cheat on women. i wonder if he's still pretending to get calls from judges and lying about going to depositions. those are pretty big lies for someone who isn't a licensed attorney and hasn't even passed the bar.

oh my god people?! who does a girl have to fuck in this town to get some kind of advance warning that BRIAN WILLIAMS and JON STEWART will be playing softball against each other?! what the fuck?! hey! kevin bleyer! dan blank! wanna invite me to the next game? pretty please?!

my beloved eleven madison park, now a 4 star restaurant. that, my friends, is bruni going out with a bang. congrats to danny meyer and the gang. i couldn't be happier for a restaurant. although, i'm sure that in the end this does make it infinitely more difficult to think of renting the place out someday for my wedding.

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