Sunday, February 08, 2009

stupidity, conchords! dancing, alan cumming

have you ever met someone so stupid that you really wonder how they function? doesn't it make you want to follow them around for 24 hours or so just to see how they manage to wake up, clean and dress themselves without any help? or how they manage to convince people to give them a job? some people just blow my mind. that is all.
i stumbled upon a presale password for a flight of the conchords concert! and because they were going so fast, i nimbly bought a second pair to sell. cross your fingers that i can make some cash on them.
i've been invited to a gossip girl theme party. this makes me embarrassingly excited. now i finally have an excuse to go out and waste money on a cute little plaid skirt and knee high stockings. and i can break out my patent 3inch mary janes. life is good.
went to a birthday party saturday night at a coolish but not annoying packed LES bar. and literally the dj played every song in this world that i would consider a good dancing song. every single song was one that my friends and i would all look at each other and scream "yes!" or "WOOHOO!" over. that being said, me and the gays are dancing fools. i'm not sure that a lot of dancing typically goes on at this bar. you know, hipsters are too cool and unaffected to really move in a way that one would consider dancing. and it was our friend valerie's party but me and the gays (about 13 of us) seemed to take over the damn party. we always do that. and i'd be annoyed with us if i weren't one of us. but shit y'all. we have so much fun! my boobs were prominently displayed and so the gays were going gaga (why do gay men like boobies so much? envy perhaps?). at one point colin looked at me and said, "kiss me" and so i did. and we made out for a while. which is fine, i've made out with many a gay man. the issue here was that we were kind of on a stage and that we were at a straight bar. so even though i didn't actually wander around the bar enough to notice if there were any lustworthy men there, my makeout sesh with colin definitely killed whatever game i might have had that night.
also likely killing my game? the fact that i was dancing so much and so hard that i was dripping sweat. my little cap sleeved black v-neck sweater was drenched. i had to wring out my shirt and my bra when i got home which is just disgusting! and today i'm dehydrated as all get out. but it was fun and totally worth it and think of the calories i burned?!
in the past week i've run into three different people i used to work with at the soho house. it's a sign. not sure of what. maybe that i'll have to go back to waitressing in the near future? that i'm destined for a trip to london?
justin and i went to see alan cumming (he kept pronouncing "debut" as day-boo which tickled me) at the allen room, high in the time warner center overlooking the park and central park south. it's a stunning space. i didn't know what to expect from alan, but he was so charming and likable. i left thinking, "i wouldn't mind if he were my best friend." he told cute stories about his life in nyc (he was in the flinstones movie and had a vitamin made of him; he met john cameron mitchell who let him, at the time a near stranger, nap at his place), sang a really random but sturdy group of songs. had a good looking band. i really really enjoyed myself, actually. also, he has a lot of famous friends and many of them came to support him (liza!) which was a bit of an added bonus on a random saturday evening.

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