Tuesday, February 03, 2009

kings of leon, braces, facebook shenanigans, local bar, screeners

went to the kings of leon concert last week. concert itself was good. the energy was decent, etc. however, i have never, in my life, seen so many hot men in one place. it was a hot man invasion. a dangerous swarm of pretty but straight, scruffy but preppy guys. OMG  
guys, it was difficult to handle. also, i'm pretty sure i got high on  
fumes because about 4 people withing a 5 foot radius of me were  
smoking pot the entire time. rock on people, rock on.
so i didn't mention it here but i got braces a while back. i hated  
them. every single minute of the day i hated those braces. even though  
they were the tooth-colored ones and a lot of people didn't notice i  
had them (since i did my best to never show my bracketed teeth), i  
hated them. i also hated my mother for having the money (barely) to  
have given me braces when i was, you know, in grade school when  
everyone else fucking gets theirs. but no, my mother had to spend 3  
grand on a piano that nobody knew how to fucking play and pretty much  
put up a huge fight when i asked her to pay for piano lessons. but i'm  
not resentful. NOT AT ALL. but i digress. i finally got said braces  
off. i should be pleased as punch but instead it feels weird. i hate  
my retainers (which i have to wear constantly), clear invisalign  
trays. also, my teeth now feel small in my mouth. it all feels  
unnatural and i'm still so used to hiding my teeth that most people  
who never noticed my braces also won't notice what my teeth look like  
now that i have them off. i'm retarded.
a friend of mine has decided to fuck with all his facebook friends.  
he's made himself engaged and placed his location in amsterdam. and  
immediately after making such moves, he started receiving hundreds of  
messages congratulating him. telling him they're in amsterdam and they  
want to meet up, etc. he says he did it out of boredom. i think it's  
hilarious. at his gallery opening (he's a photographer/model/open up  
your latest j.crew catalog and he'll be somewhere in the wedding  
section) he invited me to help further his useless lie. i'm to write  
notes on his wall about how good it was was to meet up with him in  
munich, to smoke with him in amsterdam and the like.
after one very VERY drunken evening which was the result of a friendly  
bartender, lots of free drinks (my friend sharon and i drank from 6pm  
to 4am and our check was 30 total and we ordered food) and possibly  
all of us slapping each other in the asses with said bartender's belt,  
sharon and i are officially regulars at a popular washington heights  
bar. i think the fact that i'd like to never be that drunk again  
doesn't mix well with a bartender whose buyback police is 3 free for  
every 1 one you buy. especially when he only works on weeknights.
a friend brought home all these movie screeners (something about SAG membership or whatnot) thus, for the first time in AGES, i've actually seen every damn movie nominated in the major categories. i'm still sad Wall-E couldn't eek out a regular best picture nod. i'm happy slumdog keeps on chugging along. i'm honestly so tired of depressing, soul-sucking movies. it's nice to feel happy once in a while as you exit the theatre, ya know?
and apologies to those of you i correspond with regularly via e-mail (which is 90% of you reading). i've been just the worst when it comes to actually returning e-mails. it's part long hours at work and partly that instead of hainging out on the internet, i'm hanging out at the gym. a vastly healthier pasttime but also quite isolating. if i kept up on more things internet AND the gym, i'd be cutting out sleep at this point. so bear with me. i don't hate you, i probably love/adore/worship you, i just don't have time to e-mail you! but feel free to send me rambling updates. i could use the human contact.

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