Thursday, February 05, 2009

house sitting, cancer, lost

sam, my rich friend who gave me his iphone, is leaving his ridiculous tribeca pad for two months to hop around thailand. and because i've turned down his offer to house sit several times (i never used to have to come all the way downtown. also, he has a super expensive bonsai tree and i'm afraid i'd kill it), he didn't ask. although NOW it would have been uber convenient because it's a 10 minute walk from my new office AND he's got a phat gym in his building. BUT he already found someone else to do it! sucky! (and an aside: thanks for the congrats but this is just a temp thing. i'll probably be out of a job again in two months.)
emily's fiance's best friend in finland, a 34 year old, has been diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer. this is a guy who doesn't even drink and has no record of cancer in his family. he lived here for two years and i saw him often. his facebook religious beliefs now read: "former believer in karma" which is just so sad. he'll start undergoing treatment soon but the cancer in his body is the size of a plum so it doesn't look good. he was meant to be standing up with me in emily's wedding in may so i suppose we'll cross our fingers that he can make it. 34 years old...
 so if you haven't this week's episode. don't read the next paragraph. sotp reading and navigate away from this page. there is no more post below my lost yapping. ciao.
Jin is alive! WHOO HOOO!
i kept telling people i wanted him to be, and that as a major character they owed him more than some lame death by ship explosion but everyone pooh-poohed me. "jasmine, he's dead. get over it!" BUT NO! HE LIVES!!!! so anyway, that made my week. also, they made the french people call tooo easy. we all knew it was rousseau before she said it. surprise FAIL by the writers. also, ben is a freaking mega genius for getting them all into the same spot like that. seriously. AND what are the chances that miles is the baby of the guy who makes the tapes? i say that not because i think they're the same asian or anything (are they?) but just because faraday's comment basically says, "miles, you moron, you've been here a billion years!" like richard. (which, btw, was a laugh-out-loud line for me last week when juliette is like, "hes OLD. O-L-D dude is fucking older than dinosaurs!" that's not an exact quote but i liked the acknowledgement all the same. why don't more people talk about how if this guy is immortal (which he CLEARLY is), why the hell isn't he running the joint? or why aren't there more theories that he IS running the joint? because, really, he's mega-hot even with eyeliner and HE DOESN'T AGE!

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Blogger cadiz12 said...

totally knew that was coming, but leapt for joy anyway. very realistic-looking sunburn, too.

2/05/2009 8:27 PM  
Blogger Cousin said...

The problem I have with the show's current direction is 1) time travel in general (it's lazy, and it detracts from what makes the show great: character development) and 2) they really seem to be pointing to the Others as "good," which will be hard to reconcile with their mass murder of the Dharma Initiative, which they've established off-camera (the webisodes, Dharma Experience, etc.) as good as well. Now if they do a complete mind**** and make Widmore a hero by the end of the show my mouth will drop to the floor while I clap in utter, transfixed admiration.

2/06/2009 4:56 PM  

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