Monday, July 07, 2008

pines, ko redux

this is so neat.

as is this.

emily: you can come out to the hamptons if you want, but randy and eddie are going to be there. me: pass!

but good news from the weekend is that eddie (king douchebag) is almost definitely getting kicked out of the house. however, i have plans almost every weekend through the end of august that require me to be in the city. curses!

i had an invite to the super exclusive macy's fireworks party but only one ticket so it would have meant me hanging out alone or meandering, hoping to meet someone interesting. i read this article about ko in Wired and thought, "oh, i'll check, just for fun to see if ko has any open resys." i login, all red X's. i hit the reload button once, just for fun and a green check mark pops up for 8:15 on the 4th of july. i snag it but then realize that all my friends are coupled up or out of town or working on the 4th.

and, as always, peter comes in and saves the day, finding me an absolutely lovely friend of his whose fiance was stuck working on the 4th as well. she's beautiful and brassy and knows good food when she sees it. and we did see it, in the form of ravioli on a slender plate. "ooooh!" we squealed as we watched the plate to see what course it might be. and then we watched the 3 chefs pluck up 3 of the 4 pasta pockets. my date said something along the lines of, "what's in the ravioli?" a not so subtle hint that we wanted it. cute skinny blond chef rolled his eyes, and threw it in a small dish which he placed in front of us. "it's a prototype." "yes, but what kind?" the response? "just eat it."

OHHH-KAY buddy! the filling was creamy but felt too dense for ricotta it had a cream cheese consistency but was oddly sweet. "seriously, what did we just eat?" we ask cute chef. "it's corn! can't you taste it?" apparently not only had this been a test, but we'd failed. miserably. and he's right, it did taste like corn but we were were given no guidance whatsoever. but now we're his least favorite people. and our substandard palates were a personal affront to the guy. and maybe he was a bit awkward and less than charming, disdainful even, i still thought he was adorable.

my date and i got fairly drunk, closed our check and headed out. "i feel like i should have given him my card. but who knows if he's even single? whatever." "give it to him!" "no, it's scary!" "okay, I'LL do it." she grabs my card and runs back into the restaurant.

the chances of me hearing from him are slim to none but i still think it's hilarious that my new friend turned into the best wingwoman ever in 10 seconds flat.

i also went out to see the boys in the pines. we were at a party and there was this huge pool that nobody was swimming in. a couple of my boys said, i'm getting in there, and jumped in, fully clothed. colin came out, came up to me and said, "jasmine, how often do you live?" "dear, i live everyday." "no! REALLY live?!" knowing how freaking conservative i am, how controlling i am, how afraid of chance i respond, "probably not often enough" and with that, brian takes the sunglasses off my head, and the iphone out of my hand. colin swoops me up into his arms and jumps into the pool with me. all to wild applause, i might add. so we were the rockstars for the afternoon.

i carried my rockstarness back (after i'd dried my dress, thank god the guys had a dryer) to an old college friend's place where i beat their asses in a game of clue. though not before i got chastised for slowing the game down and got made fun of for my frantic note taking after every turn. they laughed a lot less when i solved the thing after only three rounds of guessing. virgos rule. OR they're the most annoying people on the planet. you decide.

4 people who played with me:

Blogger Peter said...

That Peter guy sounds dee-liteful.

7/07/2008 11:32 PM  
Blogger The Stormin Mormon said...

"it's a prototype"

That is so F'ing sweet. I am going to refer to any new dish I make as a prototype... And nothing else...


7/08/2008 2:57 AM  
Blogger Cousin said...

Wow, I worked most of the 4th -- And here I thought NYC was land of the lawyer wageslaves.

7/08/2008 9:52 AM  
Blogger Wags said...

I almost prototyped a dessert on the 4th (peaches, goat cheese, balsamic syrup, vanilla ice cream), until a friend called and told me they were bringing chocolate pie. One less thing for me to worry about.

I want to play clue!

7/08/2008 2:27 PM  

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