Tuesday, July 01, 2008

al green, sleazy married men, theatre!

oh! hai!

my absence can be explained by 1.) lack of exciting things to write about 2.) actually, i can't think of any other reason why i haven't posted.

the east hampton house is better. the morons got a talking to and now they do a fair amount of ass-kissing to make up for the douchebaggery of memorial day weekend. (what?! douchebaggery doesn't pass the spell check test? nonsense!)

was getting hit on by some guy who said he was a chef at the food network. "oh, what show do you work on?" i asked, thinking that he was a prep chef or something. you know, the folks who cook lasagna in 12 stages so all a chef has to do is pull completed trays out from under the sink or cooked in the oven a mere 3 minutes after a version of it is placed in there by paula deen. "i have my own show," he responds haughtily. "i don't even have cable but i consider myself fairly familiar with the food network and i've never seen you before." he's the "rescue chef" or something which, it turns out, is actually a show. i've googled him and found out he's married. i wonder whether i should mention that to him since he keeps sending me messages that he wants to take me to dinner? my only message to him after two messages sent by him, "was nice to meet you. if i ever get cable maybe i'll watch your show." i just got another message from him in return, "save the money on cable and let me take you out for a drink." psycho.

I've actually been hit on by 3 married men in the past week. it must be the hip thing to do these days. at least the other two told me they were married. it makes them both honest and unafraid to be sleazy out in the open. not a great combination.

saw the living legend that is AL GREEN! recap here. rock on.

i saw the lovely jon and the lovlier cadiz. she was wearing a slutty dress, and by slutty i mean the hem was BELOW THE KNEES. crazy girl! it was highcon's birthday so i did actually end up taking him out for two birthday dinners. i hope he remembers all that spent moola when my birthday comes around!

it monsooned all day of gay pride. i'm sure some zealot is sure that it's god reminding the gays that they're big ole sinners. a birthday picnic that i didn't want to go to was rained out, i thought that was god rewarding me. but it's been rescheduled. zut alors!

my man obama is screwing up (in my mind) on the FISA bill. join the group here if you're against FISA too. i never expected him to be perfect. i expect him to win, this is maybe what he thinks he needs to do to get there. but, man, he was a freaking conlaw professor. on this issue, i think he should know better.

this week i'm seeing boeing boeing and also damn yankees. i'm sure i'll like at least one of them.

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Blogger omar said...

Oh that cadiz, she's such a hussy.

7/01/2008 6:15 PM  
Blogger cadiz12 said...

to be clear, it wasn't the LENGTH of the dress, it was the BILLOWYNESS of the dress that was a concern. one misplaced breeze and my sunday undies would be on display. so i wore a pair of h's boxers just in case. no breezes blew it all the way up, but every once in awhile the stripedy-ness would peek out, which was fine by me; i was at ease.

it was great seeing you!

7/02/2008 12:15 AM  
Blogger Woffle said...

Not just married, married this year... Only February. That IS sleazy...

7/05/2008 3:15 PM  
Blogger Woffle said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

7/05/2008 3:15 PM  

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