Wednesday, May 28, 2008

my first hamptons weekend. not a rave.

i'm still digesting my weekend. it was by turns both miserable and glorious.

we got to the house and found about 20 people there, all coked up, empty whipped cream cans all over (whip-its, seriously? is this ninth fucking grade?), with cigarette butts everywhere. in short, these assholes had trashed the house. the assholes were friends with the person who put in around 20% of the money in for the house. 70% put in by adam the hedge fund manager and the rest put in by ant (emily's fiance) and emily and a few other girls.

they'd heated the pool up to an unreasonable 93 degrees, there was an aston martin parked in the driveway and they all thought they were so cool and that we should basically bow down and worship these 40-something douchebags. not. gonna. happen.

saturday was spent cleaning up their mess, listening to their techno, and dealing with various people passed out in various rooms of the house. fun. they left for a while where we made a great dinner, played some cards, went skinny dipping and just as we were coming back in, idiots showed back up. we went to bed while they drank all the alcohol we'd just bought to tide us over through the holiday (liquor stores are closed sundays and on monday) and we were woken up to a huge bitch fight between two of the guys' russian girlfriends. none of them needed to sleep though because they were doing bumps nonstop so they were up, and loud and kept their music blasting all night.

emily and the fiance needed to run out to a family event which basically left brit and i with the morons. luckily, she had another friend out there who said, "come on over!" we first headed to this guys house. and then to another even more gorgeous place owned by lee trink. and that's where the weekend started to look up. he was a tremendously gracious host, had a whole lot of chill/funny/smart friends and we were treated like old friends even though we crashed his party (ironic, considering we were treated like crashers at our own house just the day before). we dipped in the hot tub, ate some good food, smoked from the hookah, roasted marshmallows over his bonfire, listened to great music and mingled with a ton of interesting people (many supermodels who were sweet and funny and NOT coked up, a rare find) and even a few lawyers (huzzah to the few cool lawyers that exist in this city, they're few and far between). it was, in short, a total dream and a much needed saving grace from the crap weekend we'd had so far. dreading going back to our place, we stayed the night. in the morning we lounged by the pool for a while and chatted over fresh fruit.

finally getting our asses back to our own place we find out that one of the russian girls tried to steal our friend's laptop. fantastic. adam, the daddy/owner of this share was not happy to find out what had been going on so lets cross our fingers that the tools clean up their acts. otherwise, it's going to be quite a long summer. especially since i'll be spending it pounding the steaming concrete that is gotham city because i refuse to go back to that shit. bich, please.

2 people who played with me:

Blogger Peter said...

I was absolutely outraged on your behalf.

And then I was all, "Skinny dipping, eh?"

But, now I am back to outraged.

5/29/2008 7:21 AM  
Blogger cadiz12 said...

man, that sucks, jas. at least you found nice company in that other place. maybe the friend who's in for 20% will have to kick in more of a share?

5/29/2008 11:53 AM  

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