Thursday, December 27, 2007

and a moment of silence

to honor the memory of a fierce woman.

i'm no expert on the subject (and, as with everything else, i'm sure cousin knows more about the politics in pakistan) but i'm afraid to see what happens without her.

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Blogger Cousin said...

I'm flattered! And normally you'd be giving me far too much credit. Oddly enough, I do talk Pakistan politics more than your typical Chicagoan (ex-girlfriend who I remained friends with is Sindhi Hindu -- her family was from Karachi and still has a couple relatives there). Bhutto (both her and her family) are respected and considered brave by all but the fundementalists. Opinions on her leadership are split: apparently corruption was rampant in her administration, but even detractors were looking to her as a leader in the recent struggle against Musharaff. The thing that troubles me most about this is the potential for renewed tensions with India -- a controversial Hindu nationalist won a key governorship a couple weeks ago, and if that's a sign of things to come... Well, consider this: Pakistan named its nuclear missile after a historical figure who once conquered India and forced conversions to Islam.

Side note: for some reason, England ruled the provinces that became Pakistan differently than the rest of India, leaving far fewer civil institutions behind when they left. Some speculate this is why democracy took root in India but not Pakistan.

Speaking of Obama, which Dem was it talking a few months ago about sending US troops to Pakistan? Anyway, shame on Jewish Boy Genius -- Bill Clinton campaigned for Stroger too, so now JBG is on my list too.

12/27/2007 4:06 PM  

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