Monday, April 02, 2007

chester french

i am obsessed. their songs are like crack. obsession wouldn't be the right word. i am addicted.

i was joking with peter dewolf about how i'd go through withdrawal while i was in chicago this weekend. and peter, the chivalrous little enabler that he is, e-mailed them to get the mp3s of their songs for me. before long i had some yummy stuff in my inbox. huzzah for peter!!

this band's name does right by me. i love the name chester. and i'm a francophile. what's not to like?

anyway, they're not touring or anything...because they're still IN COLLEGE. at harvard. so they're obviously not too bright. good thing they have this burgeoning music career to fall back on.

2 people who played with me:

Blogger Neily said...

You should check out The Cat Empire. They're an Australian band who have a very jazzy/bluezy/ salsa feel to their msuic. So many different sounds with all the instruments they play.

4/02/2007 2:05 PM  
Blogger Glo said...

Oh gad zooks! That's the coolest retro-modern-jazz I have heard in ages. The Fratellis may only maintain my partial complete devotion now!

4/02/2007 7:40 PM  

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